Jul 26, 2011

Working on My Face: IPL Laser Treatment

After endless inner struggle and 2 months of preparation with bleaching cream, today is the day I will start IPL laser treatment for sun damage and melasma spots on my face. To be honest, I am slightly apprehensive because of all the scary laser-treatment-gone-wrong stories. To minimize risk, I did my due diligence by selecting a board certified dermatologist who worked a great deal with Asian women, and following carefully pre-treatment procedures. Also a few gal pals had gone to the same doctor with exactly treatment so it helped to comfort me. Hopefully I will not cry like a little school girl. Anyhoo, from what I witnessed so far, spots disappeared, and skin glowed. I will update my progress. Stay Tune! Has anyone done IPL (intense pulsed light) before?

*See spots on my cheek? Hopefully they will disappear after a few treatments.....

twisted triple black freshwater pearls 
 After laser treatment, I vow to stay out of the sun for a few days to recover. I will be working to make more new designs.
prehnite and freshwater pearls in gold accent


  1. Good luck! I'm sure it'll go great.
    Love the jewellery!

  2. I have been thinking about doing a chemical peel to help remove some age/sun spots.

  3. Good luck. Let us know your progress. I want to do IPL as well. Does it hurt?

  4. I love the pearls!

    Good luck!


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