Jul 21, 2011

Wallpaper to Enhance My Future White Bedroom

image courtesy of Architectural Digest
After removing old wallpaper from my house a few years ago, I promised myself I would never use wallpaper again. Wallpaper removal sure was hard and quite laborious especially removing layer upon layer of old wallpaper. However, after seeing Savvy Sis at work with wallpaper in her new house, I am having a second thought. I know for sure I would not use wallpaper all over the house ever again but to accent a room or a space seems quite stylish and harmless.
image courtesy of Architectural Digest
The right wallpaper can add a certain atmosphere to a room or space.
image courtesy of marthastewart.com-Bedroom One 
Seeing gal pal and Savvy Sis working stylish miracles with their homes, I again have the energy to continue remodeling. Next project will be my bedroom and a few bathrooms. I used to like very romantic country style like Laura Ashley but my taste has evolved to simple lines with a touch of elegance. I want my room and bathroom to be in shades of white. I still look for feminine style but with simplicity in mind. I like the above bedroom but with more feminine touches to satisfy my need for romantic elegance.
image courtesy of marthastewart.com-Bedroom Two
To breakup all the white tones, I am thinking of adding a wall of paintable wallpaper to accent the room by adding textured details. In the end, I want my bedroom to be cool, calming but not allover boring white.
I like both of these paintable wallpaper designs. They will have different feel once finished.
I am not sure which one I will like more in the end. I am leaning more toward the geometric print because it will be a chic contrast against sheer white curtain, and soft romantic bed accessories. I love to mix edgy and feminine elements together, just like mixing a leather jacket with a silk ruffle dress. What do you think?

image credit: last two images courtesy of savvy sponsor: www.very.co.uk


  1. I like the idea of contrasting an edgier geometric print with more elegant and romantic bed accessories! Go for it :)

  2. Loving the print! Hope you have a lovely Thursday xx

  3. AnonymousJuly 21, 2011

    great print ideas for your bdrm. i am debating on putting wallpaper in my bathroom...

  4. I like the geometric wallpaper that's available now. Maybe not for an entire room, but definitely for an accent wall!

  5. Wallpaper and totally awesome furniture will definitely boost the excitement of a white room. That is what we do!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. Paintable wallpaper? That's awesome!

  7. Lovely spaces!
    I am really digging that textured wallpaper!


  8. beautiful interiors though i'm not a fan of wall paper.

  9. That geometric pattern is super cool!

  10. I like the floral or leaf pattern one. The other makes my teeth hurt. I have textural issues ;) I am definitely all for a white bedroom. I had one with silver accents and a chocolate faux fur throw was the only color. It's the most relaxing bedroom I've ever had.

  11. Yes, go with geometric.

  12. Wow, beautiful bedrooms! So elegant! xoxoxoo

  13. i love the textured whit wallpaper best, definitely not plain at all and the textures you picked are great!


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