Jul 6, 2011

Curtain Shopping....

image courtesy of Restoration Hardware
For a few months now, I have been thinking about updating the look of my pad with new soft goods as it is not always possible to remodel constantly or buy new furniture. Anyhoo, the best way to update a space without costing an arm and a leg is to change window dressing and/or pillows, which I am going to do both. I started my shopping with Restoration Hardware because I wanted Eucalytus with contrasting bold stripes (in the above pic).
image courtesy of zgallery.com
By chance, I wondered into Z Gallery and saw these which was almost 100% similar to the Restoration Hardware curtain in the above picture, except the material was polyester. In this picture, the color is more bronze gold, but in the store, the color was more like silver blue sage and gold. Restoration Hardware silk curtain panel will cost $189 and Z Gallery ones will cost about $50. I know it is not silk but if a gal just wants the look then this is the perfect substitute.
Swatch of Eucalytus
I wondered over to Pottery Barn as well and decided to buy 3 panels in different shades of green and sage colors to try out at home. If anyone wants Light Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware, but wants to save a few bucks, Pottery Barn has almost the same exactly color in silk for $99 instead of $199. Swatch in the back is from Restoration Hardware and the package in front in from Pottery Barn. Colors are almost exactly alike. To be fair though, RH silk panel has heavier cotton backing.
In the end, I think the winner maybe this striped silk panel from PB for the color and the saving. This color paired well with the floor, art works, furniture and wall color. If this is indeed the winner, I will buy one additional silk panel to make match silk pillows for sofa and chair.
Boy, home decor sure is hard work. Can't wait to finish the window and update this room. Stay tune! So how do you update a room without spending too much?

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  1. Nice job! I went curtain shopping about 6 months ago and I had the hardest time finding something I wanted, that could also help block out heat and light. I finally found some at World Market.

  2. You can update a room without spending too much by knowing exactly what you want and then go shop hopping looking for a much cheaper alternative.

  3. I love the curtains you picked. Very elegant and simple. I love home decor when it is classy and not gaudy! :)


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