Jul 20, 2011

Summer Shopping List: Maxi, Color & Whimsical Shoes shoes

Like many other gals, I enjoy web window shopping. This way I can enjoy myself without hurting the wallet. Well,that is until I find myself with savvy finds or deals, then all bets are off. As many know by now, I am in adoration with maxi dresses this season and is on a constant hunt for the next "IT MAXI". I came across Zalando, a rather savvy shopping site in the UK, a couple of weeks ago and found these lovelies, among other things. I had fun web shopping here.
Recently I am making more of an effort to add brighter colors into my wardrobe. I think in the summer, a gal should enjoy being bright and colorful, just like a brightly colored summer garden. Seeing bright colors make my days better and happier.

1. Killah Rainbow Maxi Dress - This dress is my favorite because the silhouette is very simple and the empire waist will elongate my frame.

I love to wear bright yellow sandals with these maxi dresses like Seven Seconds Thong Sandals
Years ago I will only wear colors in the same family when putting an outfit together but recently I am becoming more adventurous and decide outfits should be fun as well. Recently I wore a hot pink top with an aqua color shorts which was surprising stylish to my amazement. I have paired a yellow dress with aqua color statement jewelry and gotten lots of compliments. It is fun to play with colors. My other favorite color mixing is pink with orange. What about you??

1. Esprit Yellow Tee
2. EDC Esprit shorts

While web shopping, I can't bypass shoes category without a closer inspection. I found these which I adore and are out of my comfort zone, except for the first pair which is a classic.

1. Buffalo Ballerina flats
2.Giesswein Ballerina flats
3. Tamaris Leopard Print Ballerina flats
4. Love Moschino Wedge - I adore wedge, heart and Moschino, so what is there not to love?
5. Giesswein Romantic Wellies --- I really love these for the fun design. Raining days are quite depressing so a little whimsical design will sure to lift a gal's mood.

What do you think of bright colors and whimsical style shoes? Do you shop out of your comfort zone at times?

image credit: Courtesy of savvy sponsor Zalando


  1. I do love maxi dresses (and skirts) a lot. They're especially practical for those days when it's not quite warm enough to wear a shorter dress. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the bandeau style or empire line though. I prefer the more classic silhouette. As for color, I have very colorful ones and also simple black or grey pieces. I think both are essential depending on the occasion. For shoes, I'm definitely more adventurous, since footwear can make an entire outfit. The leopard print pair will go with anything and I love those wedges!

    You can now also follow Haute World on Twitter @haute_world. Hope to see you there!

  2. I love bright colors; but I tend to avoid whimsical style shoes. While I find them adorable; sometimes they can detract attention from and/or clash with the rest of your ensemble. :/

  3. the only maxi i have is a little dressy. i so need to add a few more casual pieces to the mix!

  4. I need to give the maxi dress another try, the one that I own is relatively see through so it's only good for around the pool =-(

  5. Gorgeous post, darling!
    Love those striped maxi dresses!


  6. AnonymousJuly 20, 2011

    I just couldn't seem to find the right maxi dress this season so I stopped looking. I love those moschino wedges though! adorable!


  7. I love everything ! And thank you so so much for your lovely comment !
    You're adorable !

  8. Love all of your picks! My fav, though, hands down are those yellow sandals {I have been really, really wishing for a pair of yellow sandals this summer :)}

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  9. Cuuute Moschino wedges! They would look so adorable with some denim shorts.

  10. i'm into a bright colors this season too. i got an orange dress from topshop that looks way brighter than in their website....haha

    the Giesswein Ballerina flats have cute prints.

  11. i love all of those maxi dresses, what great colors for summer and those yellow sandals look very comfortable.

  12. Love the denim maxi dress.

  13. I like yellow recently too. It must be summer.

  14. I like your color pics! Remind me a lot of Glee's Emma Pillsbury :) http://www.wwepw.com/

  15. Gorgeous outfits! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  16. The rainbow maxi dress... I don't know ever since Marc started the rainbow thing it has been popping up everywhere. I love it at the beginning of this summer but I'm weary now. So I think I'll vote for #2 or #3 maxis.


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