Jul 12, 2011

Savvy Shopping Conquest: Castaner Wedge

After searching high and low for a pair of wedge, and almost giving up hope, I stumbled upon this pair accidentally over the weekend. It is often the best when I find something unexpectedly. As a rule, I will not pay full retail price unless necessary and a pair of wedge is no exception. This pair is a new brand for me, a Spanish brand named Castaner. After putting the first shoe on, I decided to take it home with me. Just like a good pair of jeans, when a gal finds a stylish pair of shoes that is also comfortable, she must take add that pair to her shoe closet. When walking in these, I almost couldn't feel the hard ground because there is a jelly like layer on the sole, which reduces impact when walking. How savvy is that....
These are on sale at Neiman for $87 which is down from original price of $195. A few gal pals have ran out to their local Neiman to find this pair. I love this espresso color which pairs well with many outfits and the 1 inch platform makes it easier for me to walk about town even though the height in the back is 3.75 inch. I am not kidding, this pair of wedges makes my legs super leggy and I am almost 5'8" now. Cool!!! Have you found yourself a stylish pair of espadrilles/wedges this season?


  1. These are GORGEOUS!!! And not a bad price for that store. Wow. :)

  2. So gorge!
    Love them, darling!
    And your new profile pic is cute too :)


  3. Super cute and terrific price.

  4. omgosh your new wedges are super cute!!!

    omgosh are you taiwanese?? because i'm taiwanese too haha.. yeah i can't wait to try l'atlier in paris :)

  5. These are cute, congrats on a great find!!

  6. I love these espadrilles!!! I love the front detail, so cute :))

  7. They are so gorgeous!


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