Jul 27, 2011

Post IPL & Recovery with La Mer Concentrate

After much research and interviews with women who had IPL done, I decided to go with IPL instead of Fraxel laser because IPL would be less invasive, in my opinion. IPL will remove spots and hyper-pigmentation but will not do much for wrinkles. All of my gal pals who had IPL done had clear glowing skin. 

Going back to the procedure which many gal pals are interested:

1. Find a board certificated doctor to work on your face. I think that is self explanatory. We only have one face.... Don't want to mess up uh.... On friend's recommendation, I am going to Taylen Dermatology in Irvine. I told Dr. Wendy Chen this morning there are many eager gals waiting to see my face.  

2. I used bleaching cream prescribed by the good doctor for 2 months prior and had an exfoliating facial the week before to get my skin ready.

3. The day of, have your doctor apply numbing cream 30 minutes prior. I have  low pain tolerance. I can still feel the zap which feels like someone snapping a taut rubber band on the skin. It was slightly uncomfortable but not intolerable. Even with goggle over my eyes, I can still see flashes of red light. Actual procedure is about 30 minutes. 

4. Doctor informed me spots will darken in the next few days and will peel off after about one week. I can begin to see darker spots sprinkled about my face. Gal pal text me to inquire about my sesame spots earlier today. Now I understand her comment.

This ultra-potent elixir remarkably improves the appearance of scarring resulting from surgery and burns, and visibly diminishes irritation and redness caused by dermatological procedures.
Formulated with a high concentration of The Miracle Broth™, it empowers skin with the energy it needs to accelerate its natural repair process. Special barrier repair ingredients act as lipid "cellular cement" to help strengthen vulnerable skin while the anti-oxidant properties of Lime Tea Extract help protect skin from external insults. Feelings of tight or taut skin are relieved as suppleness and smoothness are greatly restored.
(image and information courtesy of La Mer)

5. I got me a bottle of La Mer Concentrate to help with the healing process. Many gal pals recommended this bottle after laser procedures. Although $375 for this little bottle is really pricey, I only have one face. Need I say more. If I am going to go through all the trouble, what is one more step. Right?! Seriously, La Mer should really sponsor me.....

6. My face was numb for about 3 hours afterward. There is still slight sensation 9 hours after laser procedure but so far so good.

7.  I plan to avoid the sun for the next few days to allow my face to recover. Whatever you do, don't leave the house without sunscreen. I was instructed to go about as normal but I think I will allow my skin to heal before putting on makeup. Gentle facial wash, La Mer moisturizer + Concentrate, and sun screen will be my friends in the next week or two.

I will update again in about one week to share with all my IPL laser progress. As my own friends are asking me questions, I think this post may help someone out there. I was pretty anxious before the procedure and asked around constantly. Please don't hesitate to write me if you want to ask me questions in private.


  1. Good luck! I'm sure it'll go great.!!!

    xx Marina

  2. How brave of you! I wouldn´t allow anyone to touch my face even if I´m beginning to have sun spots too.

  3. I'm definitely curious how happy you are in the end! I have a sunspot that drives me bonkers!

  4. What a great post! I have been wondering about this procedure as I have been seeing some small sunspots popping up. =( Good luck! =D

  5. To be honest, it is scary to have someone zap my face because outcome although should be okay is rather unknown. My face is slightly itchy and has no glow whatsoever right now. I think everything should be okay.

  6. Hi. I am considering IPL for my nasty pigmentation.
    Is it true that you will have slight sunburnt effect but it will dry out and peel off after 1 week? I have sensitive skin and usually bruise easily and take long time to heal.
    Any advice?

  7. Hi, my face was red and blotchy the first day. Starting that same night, brown spots began to develop and peeled off after one weeks. Smaller spots would heal faster. Do you scar after an injury? Have you tried bleaching cream? I would go see a dermatologist and consult first. I was on bleaching cream 2 months prior to my procedure. I will post pictures on tomorrow's post. You can see what spots I am referring to. Please feel free to contact me. I was pretty anxious myself too and called my friends all the time to ask.

  8. Yes, I just went to see a dermologist and he asked me to try the breaching cream first. He said he preferred laser over IPL as IPL is not FDA certified and there is not enough clinical studies done.
    Do you feel your spots are lighter after using bleaching cream?

  9. I had IPL done already and spots are lighter. I did use bleaching cream every other night for about 2 months but didn't notice any difference. On my mom, she said she noticed a little difference after using bleaching cream. My friend's spots got darker after using bleaching cream but on her mom, spots got lighter. I think it really depends on individual. Good luck!


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