Jul 14, 2011

Being Full Figured, Beautiful & Stylish

The other day while web surfing, I came across Full Figured Fashion Week website. I love the idea because as a woman we need to love ourselves and be happy with who we are. No one has any business telling us what we need to look like and what is the appropriate dress size. With that being said, I am also on the quest to help a couple gal pals with wardrobe issue because we are all on a quest toward "stylish". How did I get myself robed into helping gal pals?? Over dinner, one gal commented I looked stylish because of my size. I agree that shopping for moi is easier but I also think women can be stylish regardless of her size because like beauty, style is relative and will vary according to different individuals. So what makes a woman stylish?

  • It is stylish to have manicured nails, clean makeup and a nice haircut that fits the gal. A gal who takes care of herself is stylish. I think these things can be achieved at any price range to fit a gal's budget. 
  • It is important to know your own body type and dress to flatter your best assets and perhaps make less noticeable features we don't like as much. And, we all have features we are not totally happy with.....
  • Lastly, I think a positive attitude and a bright smile are stylish and very attractive. The right attitude is the cherry that tops the cake. A bright smile is the best accessory to finish the look.

Back to the business of styling gal pals.... For a plus size gal, I think it is more flattering to wear monochromatic outfits. It is okay to wear bright colors but perhaps a color top with a dark separate on the bottom.
It is more flattering to wear wrap, A-line or empire waist style dress than a straight dress. If possible, avoid jersey and clinging fabrics because these types of material tend to cling. I am a big fan of undergarments that helps to smooth out body contour. Worth every penny!!!
Dressing in oversize clothing will not make a gal look smaller or skinnier. I have advised many gals to overlook size and pick clothing that fit. Let clothes tailor to a gal's body, not the other way around. We helped gal pals pick out nice jeans that flair at the bottom to balance the overall proportion. We also helped a gal with prints which she avoided in the past. It is perfectly stylish to wear prints and stripes, but smaller prints and vertical stripes are more flattering than horizontal stripes and large prints. We can't change our body types sometimes but we can learn to show off our best attributes.
All in all, stylish is not about color, size, or height. A stylish woman is someone who takes care of herself, understands her own body and value her own importance. At the end of the day, gal pals and I had so much fun playing being stylish. We are relaxed with tummy full of delicious food. Most important, we are happy with ourselves and know that life is good. What do you think makes a gal stylish??

Last but not least, the winner of Summer Survival Kit is Allison from My Life as a Wife. Congrats my dear. Please contact me with your info so I can get the kit out to you via our sponsor. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Image credit: photo 1,2,4,5 courtesy of fffweek.com, photo 3 courtesy of savvy sponsor: onestopplus.co.uk


  1. I would be considered plus size, even at a size 12, but I always look and fashionable!

  2. totally agree wif ya tips abt how to be stylish

    xoxo elle

  3. Good tips for everyone. Another one is to choose good quality materials. Even when shopping in H&M pick the clothes that are made with organic cotton, not polyester. Better quality: the better you will feel and better you will look.

  4. I find that it's easier to be stylish in cooler - moderate temperatures. Here in Indonesia, it is super hard to feel stylish when it's hot and humid and I swell up due to the humidity. I've resorted to wearing more dresses, but even then, I get so much unwanted attention in this Muslim country. I'm getting frustrated!


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