Jun 14, 2011

Savvy Entertaining: Vodka Watermelon Slush & Easy Fruit Dessert

With so many summer parties and so little time, a gal needs to work smarter and find savvy shortcuts to make life simple. As I am trying to live healthier, instead of sweet desserts, I am opting to serve fruits at the end of a meal. To glam up my favorite watermelon, I used a melon baller to scoop out bite size watermelon balls and served in a crystal coupe. Add a sprig of mint or basil to add color and contrast.
I also made iced fruit slush for adults. It is easy but does require some patient.

Ingredients: (4 servings)
4 cups of watermelon --- I used leftover watermelon after I scooped out watermelon balls for dessert.  Do not discard watermelon juice. Add to blender with fruit and sugar.
1/2 cup of sugar
2 shots of vodka (add more if you like but I am a light weight)

1. Blend watermelon and sugar together in a blender or food processor until smooth
2. Add vodka to mixture
3. Place in a container and place in freezer
4. Use a fork to break up ice crystals to make slush, about every 30 minutes
5. Served in chilled coupe or bowl

This is very easy and delete alcohol for a kiddie party. I love to try this with mango and other types of berries. Do you like fruit slush?

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  1. Melon and watermelon are my favorite fruits! I will definitely try your recipe!

  2. This looks so refreshing! Perfect to beat the summer heat. Plus it combines two of my fave things: melon and vodka. ; )


  3. Looks so refreshing!!! Yes, I love slush. Especially mango slush.

  4. That looks delicious. A perfect summer drink.

  5. YUM! i love watermelon anything but watermelon icee dessert I LOVE!! i'm going to have to try this recipe haha..

    haha i LOL'd at your comment.. atleast you didn't ACTUALLY gain weight looking at my pictures.. i did because i ACTUALLY ate all those things :( hahahaha

  6. @Lisa, Lucky you. Those donuts looked soooo good. I am somewhat of a foodie so food is like oxygen to me. : )

  7. Looks delicious. I love watermelon.

  8. I will definitely be making this dessert over the summer. YUM!

  9. So yummy, darling!


  10. Oooh, looks so refreshing!


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