Jun 23, 2011

Elegant Cream Roses & Arrangement Ideas

As a flower lovers, I will make a special effort to have fresh floral arrangements for parties, as gifts and at home. Having flowers at home just make the space elegant and alive. Last week, I got a bunch of cream colors roses, cream hydrangeas, and filler flowers.
Square vases are the perfect contract to round floral bouquets.
Make sure flowers are cut at the angle, water needs to be change every other day. And, don't forget to put flowers in water at the earliest opportunity when at home. I have large buckets which flowers will wait while I determine what to do and arrangement ideas.
Cream color roses with hydrangeas surrounding outer circumference
A casual arrangement of roses with white flowers. (I don't recall the name of these filler flowers. Does anyone know?)
As days go by, and flowers begin to wilt, I will pick out flowers that are still fresh to make smaller arrangements.
From one large bouquet, I made 2 smaller arrangements. I adore white roses, what about you?

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  1. Very pretty, I love flower arrangements that are monochromatic. They make such an impact.

  2. These look so refreshing!

  3. love white roses too, but dont put ya pic next to the vase >.< asian superstitious, was once caught by my mil, and told me it looks like a funeral parlour yikes

    xoxo elle

  4. Very pretty roses! And beautiful arrangements! Me, I like red roses.

  5. AnonymousJune 24, 2011

    Your "filler" might be stock - is it fragrant? I love hydrangeas & roses together (my wedding bouquet and my sister's wedding bouquet were both primarily hydrangea & roses) but I don't like them in vases together - they each last much longer alone than together. Ah well. When they're from my own yard, it's no hardship to cut more.

  6. @Anonymous: you are right, filler is stock. I noticed stock filler actually only last about 2 days which is not good at all.


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