Apr 20, 2011

Mommy & Baby Birkin Bags

This is not a new concept, but it is adorable in my eyes regardless. Gal pal sent me this picture and both of us almost drooled on it. It is a little Birkin bag attached to an oversize one. I am going to guess the large Birkin is about 45 cm and the little one, 20 cm. Isn't the combo just adorable? The little Birkin is about $4000 if I remember correctly. Yes, stylish sure is expensive. I don't even want to ask the price for the large one. Personally I think it will cost as much as a car. Anyhoo, I don't think I will ever buy something like this for myself but it sure looks good in theory. What do you think?

image credit: I don't have image credit as I don't know the source.


  1. That is adorable! I wish I owned a Birkin. Sigh.

  2. I'm a sucker for bags that come with their own bags.

  3. awww. That is adorable! I wish I could erase the last couple digits of the Birkin price. Then, i'd totally have to grab myself one!


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