Apr 27, 2011

Leaving the Cruise Shape of a Ship

It is amazing how fast we can gain weight and how slow we are to rid of that same weight. On the first night, the very lively cruise director told us on average, a passenger on a cruise will leave the ship 7 lbs heavier after 7 days. Well, I thought to myself, that is impossible, how can a person gain one pound per day. Well, I can say it is possible and I have gained my share of 3 pounds. Truly, most of us arrive ship-shape and leaving shape of a ship. There is just so much food, besides sleeping and activities, we basically plan our day around eating. A gal can eat up to 13 meals a day on the ship and food is available 24/7. I counted, it was true.
I gained my first half pound in New Orleans already with yummy food from Oceana and beignets from Cafe du Monde. Gal pal told me BBQ oysters from New Orleans are a must-try.
 Every morning I will have myself fresh waffle with whipped cream and strawberries, among other things.
 How I gained 3 lbs? Well, by eating breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and mid-night snack. I tried to do a snack between breakfast and lunch but I think I would have died from overeating. Thank goodness I was fairly active during port days with lots of walking and activities. This prevented me from eating!!!
All the crews on Norwegian were super nice and attentive. They are more than ready to feed us with lots and lots of food.
 I had roast duck on the first night. If there is duck on the menu, I will try it, no matter where I am.
 Prime rib with horseradish whipped potato was divine.
Of course, I normally don't have dessert every night. However on this cruise, I had dessert with both lunch and dinner. I guess I am lucky it is only 3 lb. I have heard worse.
Let me just say, it should be illegal for Norwegian to serve chocolate buffet around mid-night. Of course, I couldn't resist. Overall, I may have to exercise like mad to loose weight in the upcoming weeks, but I would eat allover again if I have the chance.  For the record, I did use the gym once, but who has time when there was so much eating. For those who cruised in the past, what was food like on your cruise line?


  1. i ate a ton too on the cruise i went on in 2007- everything was so good and there is SO MUCH food!

  2. I've never been on a cruise, but had all-inclusive on our honeymoon. Definitely gained weight. I love all your food pics. So tasty!

  3. Wow it reminds me of when I went to an all-inclusive Mexican resort! Food food all the time! Well, it's good that you enjoyed yourself - that's what a vacation is for! Who wants to be the person on vacation counting calories lol

  4. I have never being on a long cruise (day cruises don't count right?), but dh has been on many and he agrees with you, everyone plan their days around meals. The abundance of food is something unreal and most will gain lots of weight. You are very disciplined btw! I would have prob gained 14 lbs. I have a big appetite. Except the chocolate, I don't eat it so I would have spared me some choco cholesterol!

    Usually I lose weight when traveling from all the excitement and activities. Add a few stomach bugs which I had, and I usually return home ultra svelte. During my trip to Berlin on Feb I lost 4 kgs, which of course I gained back. During my most recent trip for Easter, I neither gained or lost any, probably because I was eating many desserts.


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