Apr 1, 2011

Color Gem Stones: Potential Mother's Day Gift

When it comes to giving gifts, I can seriously say this savvy gal is pretty good gift giver, except when the receiver is Savvy Mom. It is really difficult buying for someone who pretty much has everything and can afford anything she wants for herself. With this in mind, I usually start early and shop for an emotional gift for her, instead of luxury gift as she is not lacking for anything.

There are two ideas in mind for me. Recently Savvy Mom commented she doesn't have many casual everyday pieces and  upon hearing that, I started shopping for jewelry online to get different ideas. One thing I have learned is to buy gifts Savvy Mom wants instead of what I think is right or she may need. As she is the one using the item, she opinion is most important. Of course since she likes ruby and sapphire, I thought a pair of earrings with diamond accents will be great.
I must have gotten my love of color gem stones from Savvy Mom. Both of us love the candy-like quality of these color stones, especially with 18K yellow gold. Initially I was going to shop at Bvlgari for a color stone bracelet but Savvy Mom is not a fan of spending lots of money on a piece for the name. She rather  maximize on quality and size.
Bvlgari Bracelet $3350 image via Elle
As it is important to buy what the receiver wants, I found these pieces instead at half the price without losing any of the style. By spending an extra thousand, I get to take home a necklace and a bracelet instead of one bracelet from a famous brand. I think color stones will be perfect in the summer when Savvy Mom wears lots of white and light color outfits. This set can also be a potential for her.
Half price at $1695

After all this online shopping, I don't mind a little stone pendant necklace for myself at all, perhaps in aquamarine or pink tourmaline or green peridot. What about you, what is your favorite color stone?

images: courtesy of savvy sponsor Birks.com


  1. I love all the colors but it's gotta be pink like my engagement ring!

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  2. Sapphire and Emeralds for sure!

  3. These are so pretty. I love gems.

  4. Ooh, what gorgeous pieces - I'm loving the earrings!! :)

  5. I would love this for me and for my mom too!


    ah, our blog changed!
    update us here too, if you want :)))




  6. These are all so gorgeous!
    Love the earrings especially!


  7. These gem stones are so pretty!

  8. jewelry is such a great gift for mothers, I love the gem stones. the colors are so pure. so expensive though, fun to dream of! ;)


  9. Makes me wish I were a mother. Okay I am...my furbabies do get me gifts...


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