Apr 18, 2011

Bouchon Oatmeal Cookies with Macadamia Nuts

After my disastrous experience baking oatmeal cookies a couple of months ago, I finally got myself to make my favorite cookies again. Normally I had no issue baking this semi-homemade cookies by Bouchon. However when I decided to be smart by decreasing the amount of brown sugar added, my cookies became really bad. Anyhoo, I had a craving for these oatmeal cookies the other day and baked a batch for my family, following instructions strictly. Well, almost exactly.....
I adore macadamia nuts. Since I have organic nuts around the house, I added a handful in the mix. Well, the result was just heavenly. The flavor was nutty with taste of sweet caramelized butter. So I found out it is okay to add accent products (such as nuts and such) in moderation to the mix as along as I keep the basic formula (such as sugar, flour, amount of liquid, etc.) intact. Next time,  I will to try macadamia nuts with banana bread. What is your favorite nut?


  1. Mmm they look divine! Is this as Williams Sonoma?

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. Yum! I have some macadamia nuts in my cupboard right now!

  3. Mhmmm...look like yummy!


  4. Mmm! I hate all nuts...except macadamia! These looks great :)

  5. Macadamia nuts are my fave too! You did a super job on these cookies. =D


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