Mar 28, 2011

Shoe Trend: Wrap Around Ribbons

After falling in adoration with this pair of Tod's wrap ribbon ballet flats, I begin to notice this particular style is creeping up on us gals again. Wrap around straps are really nothing new but after going missing for a few seasons, is it coming back?
I totally fell in love with another pair of Hermes wrap-around strap wedges from years ago.  Perhaps I may just find the perfect style for me this year? 
At the Neiman Marcus show, models are shown wearing various styles of wrap-around strap heels, and wedges.
This is the pair shown on the model from picture above in pink. (image via Theodora & Cullam $395) All styles are available at Neiman or their own company website. I do like this style, just perfect for summer.
A few years ago, I was totally infatuated with leather wrap-around shoes. Well, let me just say cost per wear is pretty high for these lovelies because leather wrap around straps are just not too comfortable and leather knot can become undone quite easily. If I wrap the strap snugly around my ankle, circulation gets cut off after awhile. A nice sales told me I am supposed to tie the knot by pulling it tightly closed so it would become undone quite so easily. I can just see these poor leather straps snapping under my care.
Instead of buying a pair of wedge, I got these Hermes heels instead. I wore them ONCE due to reason explained above. I still love this pair of heels, I just can't stand wearing them.
This coming summer, I think I will get me a pair of wrap-around wedge or shoes, but in satin or some sort of fabric material for the comfort. A gal pal commented, she would not wear wrap-around shoes, not because the idea is horrible, but she didn't want to bother with these straps. What do you think of style?


  1. I love this trend! Those Tod's wrap ribbon ballet flats are amazing!!


  2. I think I'd get annoyed with the ribbons/straps and getting them to be comfortable and look nice. However, there's a pair of DVF mules that have ribbons that wrap up the leg. I bet they'd be gorgeous for a night out.

  3. My husband loves the wrap around espadrilles, ala The Notebook, and I really would love to own some :)

  4. i love wrap arounds. but they take ages to tie up !
    not very good when we''re in a hurry.

    glisters and blisters

  5. must be the effect from BLACK SWAN~
    ballerina's theme!! i would want the white feather headgear :D

    very inspiring spring shoes~
    wedge time for me!

  6. Great trend, I love a lot!


  7. I have a pair of Gucci wedges with wrap-around leather straps. I wear them about once or twice a year -- but I've had them for ten years.

  8. I've always been a fan of wrap around styles...Especially wrap around espadrilles!

  9. Ah.... I really need to find me a pair of wrap around wedge then.... : )

  10. Diane von Furstenberg has some great wraparound wedges this season; instead of leather straps or ribbons they have patterned scarf ends that tie in a big floppy bow.

  11. I have ALWAYS wanted a pair of wrap around sandals but I always get talked out of it by people (mostly my dad or my bf) because they say it's too "complicated." Sigh. Why do I listen?! :(

  12. I remember when these were big about 10 years ago. I never got into them becuase I thought they looked painful to wear. BUT I think they are adorable!

  13. I love all sorts of ankle ties/details on shoes! fabulous post :)

  14. These shoes are amazing!


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