Mar 10, 2011

Maacrons from L'Atelier Joel Rubuchon

In the past few years, macrons have become more popular, thus more easily accessible to the general public. Ever since my first tasting in Paris years ago, I have been on this macaron quest ever since. In the last few years, I have had my shares of good, bad and down right yucky macaron. Finally in Joel Robuchon, I can finally say these are some of the best macarons I have had in years. Trust me, these are good. Savvy Sis can polish off a box all by herself, considering we are very health conscious when it comes to sweets. Ah.... I wish you all can taste the lavender flavor macaron with me...... Has anyone tried Rubuchon macarons before? What do you think?


  1. Oh! Macarons, I love!
    You gave me an idea what to make today
    with Mr.Freddy.

  2. Belive it or not, I've never tasted a macaron before! But I hope the first time I do, it's in a little bakery in Paris!

  3. I don't really eat macaroons. I always thought they were the mounds of coconut. But I recently had a French one and they are delicious!

  4. I've only been able to try the macarons in our local bakeries here. They became so popular a year ago! I love them, but really wish I could try the fancy brands for comparison...

  5. Thanks for the review - will definitely try it next time!

  6. You know, I've never tried a macaron before! Despite that, I had been thinking about making my own. This way there's nothing to compare them to and I can pretend they're the best things ever! ;-)

    Hope you're feeling better!


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