Dec 31, 2010

Warm but Bear-ish Looking

To complain about the weather will have many savvy people roll their eyes at me because I am not trapped knee deep in snow. Regardless, it had been cold and I finally gave in and put on a fur wrap the other day. I like this wrap a lot because it is quite stylish with ruffle edging and there are 2 pockets to keep my hands warm. How cool is that, right?!
Anyhoo, back to the matter of fur and bear-ish look. Honestly, I had to angle myself to take this photo because I really did look like a bear from the front view. It is hard to look slim and stylish with fur and fluff. Well, I am going to take comfort that I will be really really warm!!!!! Has anyone figured out a way to wear fur vest or coat without looking bear-ish. Please do share!

Happy New Year!!!!! May the new year bring you and yours much luck and fortune!

-oxox, Savvy Gal

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  1. Savvy Gal

    No not really but it does look lovely on you and I guess we would have to walk side ways or stand side ways ---what a gal will do to look nice anyway,,,, stopping by to wish you a wonderful new year, and may creativity , love and beauty surround every moment of 2011.


  2. I live in the land of snow, but have never worn a vest. I feel so puffy!

  3. I think it looks good on your, very comfy!

  4. Oh you look so beautiful and yet comfy :)

    Have a blessed, happy and savvy New Year, dear!!!


  5. I would totally wear it! You are working that my dear.

    Love Grace.

  6. happy new year, savvy gal! holi, i LOVE that wrap!

  7. I like that wrap, where did you get it?

  8. That looks SO COZY! I love it. :)

    Happy New Year!

  9. Hi Jenny:

    I had it made for me through a group order with a few of my gal pals so it is not available anywhere.

  10. So cozy and beautiful! Love it!

    Happy New Year, my dear!

  11. it looks fabulous! and custom made?? wow.


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