Dec 27, 2010

How To: Easy Way to Get Soft Cashmere

With temperature dropping dramatically due to abundance of rain in Socal recently, I find myself reaching for cashmere sweaters and wraps. I noticed some cashmere pieces in my closet lost some luxurious softness. Perhaps it was due to multiple washing. Yes, all the savvy gals in the family wash our cashmere sweaters. (click here for washing instruction) Anyhoo, Savvy Sis told me she actually used a little bit of conditioner to soften her cashmere sweaters. According to her, after washing, add a bit of conditioner to some water and soak the sweaters for a minute, just like the way we would condition our hair in the shower. Afterward, rinse the sweater clean as usual and dry flat. She said her sweaters would become softer again.

Well, that sort of make sense because if conditioner can make our hair soft and supple, it shouldn't have any problem making cashmere sweaters soft and supple. I have not try this myself yet but will update when I do in the near future. Has anyone tried this before?

*Savvy Sis did not use Dove conditioner. Also test on a less expensive piece before washing and conditioning.

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  1. I also did not use...


  2. I've never tried it either but it seems like it's a good idea!

  3. Huh, I'll have to try that. Interesting idea.

  4. Cashmere... the mere though makes me miaow.


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