Oct 30, 2010

Falling for Gray

After endless hot summer days, I am certainly looking forward to cooler fall days. Spending the day with a friend, instead of my usually jeans and tees, I opted for a more luxurious gray silk top with tiered sleeves. This way, I am dressed up yet do not forgo the comfort of jeans.
Is it me or tier is trend du mode nowadays? Valentino, Miu Miu and many other designers all offer tiered ruffle top, skirt and dresses.
To complete my look, I opted for a pair of blue Tod's flats. This particular blue has a tint of gray which plays perfectly with the gray top.  And, the pale blue hue lightens the entire look. When I am already wearing dark gray, I don't want to wear black shoes. Thinking back taupe would be another great option.

What I am Wearing:
-Isabelle Wen gray silk tiered sleeve top
-Earl Jean
-Tod's flats


  1. I do love fall clothing. Love the sleeves on that top.

  2. i'm always in love with gray ;)

  3. Oh I'm so in love with gray too.
    You look lovely.


  4. I love the sleeves on your shirt!

  5. I want that shirt! Love the sleeves.

  6. Love your shirt soo much!!! : )

    Hope you had a good wknd xx

  7. That's a gorgeous top!! Love the sleeves!

  8. I am loving gray too this season! I'm mixing a lot of gray and black. Loving those tod's flats!!!

  9. like how you mixed the feminine/dressy top with casual jeans. great look!



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