Jul 1, 2010

Unexpected Combination: Crab Salad and Mango Sorbet

When it comes to food, I will say I am pretty adventurous.  Unless it is totally out of this world, I will give it a chance.  If I don't like it, I won't have to eat it again. Recently I tried a super yummy dungeness crab salad with mango/jalapeno sorbet.  The flavor is not spicy at all, but there is a slight kick which cuts the richness of the crab salad. I didn't think mango sorbet could go so well with this salad.

I will definitely try to make this at home. For anyone interested, the salad is made of diced celery, avocado, dungenss crab and topped with yuzu aioli. Once I have this salad figured out, I will post my recipe to share with everyone. Are you adventurous with food with you dine out?


  1. crab + mango?? i should try that one out!

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  2. I think this sounds amazing. I'd most def eat it. The pictures look pretty darn good too.

  3. it looks yummy, but I don't like mango in general...

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  5. Sounds interesting! Not sure if I would order this myself, but I may take a spoonful of yours ;o)

  6. i would definitely try this thing. crab - favorite. mango - favorite. i would never say no to double favorite. LOL.

  7. heeeyyy it sounds weird but this is something i would love to try. I'm not picky with my food :)

  8. I had this before. It was surprisingly delicious although I remember not thinking it would not be good just by the name of it.

  9. AnonymousJuly 02, 2010

    sounds amazing! i'm all about mixing it up a little, i had cantaloupe sushi the other day and it blew my mind lol xx


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