Jul 5, 2010

TaTa Baby Tote

A while ago I talked about TaTa Baby Birkin print bag. I thought it was a riot and wanted one ever since. Anyway, after getting it, I was both excited and slightly disappointed. I thought the material would be heavy canvas. The actual material is actual 100% polyester and it is on the thin side. Regardless, I know I will have fun with this little bag.
I like the fact this tote has a shoulder strap which allows my hands to be free to carry other things. Also, there is a zipper on top to close the tote. As I said earlier, this bag is a riot and lots of fun but for the price, I may have second thought next time.


  1. how fun! I love the color of it though!

  2. Sorry about the material--but the colour is great! And you can carry the kitchen sink around in it, which is always a bonus!

  3. The colour is great! I've totally had the same thing happen to me before. It's so hard to tell what the material is from pictures. I've bought an adorable coat, thinking it'll be a gorgeous material, then when its delivered, realized its actually super thin polyester. Oh well! You live and you learn i guess.

  4. Seriously great color, but annoying that it was heavy. Still fun for summer!

  5. Its nice but I never think they are worth the price!

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  7. This bag is stunning and I love the colour.

  8. The color is so fun! I like the handles, but not that shoulder strap.

  9. hi! where did you get Tata Baby??

  10. Susan: A friend got it for me in HK.

  11. Hi! can you tell me which size is this? thx!


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