Jul 21, 2010

Hot Hot Shorts....

A while ago I posted about hot hot shorts by Chanel. Apparently mini shorts are trend du jour. Although I think mini shorts can be sassy and stylish when paired properly with the right top and accessories, this savvy gal will still avoid pieces that looks lingerie-ish. (First 4 images via Style.com)
image 1+2 Chanel
image 3 Miu Miu
image 4 Marc Jacob
As I said before I refuse to pay good money for clothes I can easily DIY myself. For example, I can easily cut old jeans into cut-off style hot denim shorts. Why pay money when all a gal need is a pair of scissors, right? However I do like short shorts that are slightly dressy. It makes the trend more stylish instead of lingerie-ish. I will pair these with a dressy top or a crisp white shirt.
left by Alice + Olivia $154 here
right by Haute Hippie $198 here
I like this pair of mini shorts above; it is sassy without looking underwear-ish. Available at Saks, on sale here.  What about you, will you wear hot pants this summer?

*To pull off this look, I am pretty sure my elliptical will become my best friend this summer uh......


  1. Perfect for summer! But yes, eliptical is much needed for me haha

  2. I agree cut ones own denim shorts up but the more tailored ones are a great selection.

  3. Perfect for hot weather... I love the 1st one. :)

  4. I've seen some people with cheeks hanging out lately. Not nice no matter how fit you are!

  5. I don't think I can pull this off...the fear of saddlebag is too great. Pilates or death.


  6. Sadly, I don't have the legs for shorts anymore. I'm going to have to settle for skirts and capris this summer!

  7. Wendy: You are right, we don't want to see any cheek hanging out. :)

  8. I don't wear shorts unless they are to my calves! :)

  9. You won't see any or much San Franciscans dressing like this. It's sooo cold here. I can't believe this weather! I personally am not a shorts person. More like a skirt and dress type.

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