Apr 24, 2010

Morton's The Steakhouse Costa Mesa

We treated ourselves to Morton's Special 3-Course meal for two a while ago but I wanted to share my food adventure. It was a special deal for $109. I know it is not exactly cheap but it is a deal for Morton's Steakhouse.  The interior was as I remembered, dark and clubbing feel.  Service was quite good and of course the meat and everything else was quite wonderful.
Morton Salad
Filet with crab cake --- Delicious!!!
Filet with bacon wrapped scallops --- Yum!!!
We also got garlic string beans and mushroom. Baked potato would have pushed us over the edge. Healthy eating was somewhat in the back of my mind.

Creme Brulee was alright, nothing to write home about.

Now the molten chocolate cake was something else. I loved it.  I literally looked away for 3 seconds and vanilla ice cream disappeared mysteriously. Has anyone took advantage of Morton's Special Deal?
Where do you go when a good steak is on your mind?


  1. I have to say - I've been to most of the good chain steak places (Morton's, Smith and Wollensky, Capital Grille, Strip House, Del Frisco's, etc.) and Ruth's Chris is without a doubt my favorite. It's all in the fact that their steaks come out in a searing hot plate filled with butter.

    We have a lot of local great steak places in South Florida. If you're ever here you must try Prime 112. And my favorite in LA is Mastro's.

    Is it weird that I'm now hungry for a steak at 9am?

  2. your meal sure looks enticing, although I've never been a huge fan of Mortons. Living in Houston (where beef is king) you'd think we would have less chain steakhouse and more indepenedents - alas, we dont. However, if you are ever in Houston and hankering for some meat (or fish), you must try Frank's Chop House. It's fantastic, the service is top notch, the ambiance is wonderful for date night or for business. On my last trip there, I had the gnocchi with pork - at let's just say it's the best I've had outside NYC!

  3. to my grandma:)
    yummy post:)

  4. OK, I must have steak tonight.

  5. Hmm good steak...plenty of places come to mind, like Mastro's, Cut, and BOA. But...sometimes this chick doesn't want to get all dressed up to manhandle a steak. So, I also like to go to Omaha Steaks, and for the price of 1-2 steak dinners I get 9 pieces of their best filet mignon and prepare it at home. Yum!

  6. Yummy deliciousness! I hope that it was a business dinner so that you could write it off!

  7. That salad looks unbelievable right now. I know what I'm having tonight. Holy shit.

  8. YUM and more YUM. That food looks insanely good.

  9. Drool! Morton's looks fabulous! Nothing better than a perfectly done steak...

  10. yum!! i havent been to mortons for a while but when i did go i thought it was great! theres a local place called Rays where we go for steaks!

  11. Oh gosh! My mouth is watering as I read this! I love a good steak :)


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