Feb 24, 2010

$50 Spa Deal Day

It is so important to pamper oneself once in a while to bring balance back in a savvy gal or guy's life. I like to do so by treating myself to a spa day. SO, when I found out about $50 Spa Deal Day, starting March 8 - 14, 2010, I was besides myself with excitement. Of course, I have to share with all my savvy friends too. Since I live in SoCal, I got a short preliminary list of participating spas but there are other spas around the country as well. You can sign up to see the official list here. I believe participating spas will open for reservation starting Feb 26, 2010, which is just around the corner. I will get all my gal pals together for a lovely spa day. So excited!

For those living in SoCal, this is the short list:

Rejuvinating Skin Care Medical Aesthetics - Montebello
Yolanda Aguilar Beauty Institute and Spa - Los Angeles
Amadeus Spa - Pasadena
Body Centre Wellness Spa - Anaheim Hills
Susan's Skin and Body Care - Beverly Hills
Body Centre Wellness Spa - Orange
The Body Wellness Clinic - Los Angeles
Beach Massage and Day Spa - Los Angeles
Premium Skin Care by Diana - North Hollywood
Second Wind Day Spa - Palmdale
Creative Chakra - Marina Del Rey
Sirrel's Facial Expressions - Torrance
Cloud Mover - Huntington Beach
Laguna Day Spa - Laguna Niguel
Tikkun SkinSpa Institute - Los Angeles
The Spa at the Image Center - Huntington Beach


  1. I could do with a Spa Day, especially one in California!

  2. We all deserve to treat ourselves like this!

  3. I have only ever been to a spa once but wow it was amazing and I wish I could go more.

  4. it is just what a need... :)

  5. I wonder if they have it here in the southeast, will have to check it out. Thanks for the info my sis there is already excited to go!

  6. $50 spa day is a steal! Go for it! all in the area!

  7. Ooh, and the spa week is on my bday week. I must take advantage of it. Thanks, Savvy!

  8. i want to get a massage next time they have that deal! i got a facial once and i felt like all they really did was wash my face for me. haha so i think i'm gonna opt for the massage next time!

  9. ooh don't I wish! this snow storm weather is such a downer :(

  10. This sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing =D

  11. Not the first time I've wished I was in SoCal. Fabulous deal!

  12. *sigh* your list is much more extensive than the Houston list. But thank you for the info. I will definitely pass it along.

  13. Oooo, awesome deal, I'm jealous. ;) Enjoy!!!

  14. Just a reminder. This is SpaFinder's Deal Days, not Spa Week. check it out at www.spafinder.com/dealdays . There are only a couple of days left to enjoy it!


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