Oct 12, 2009

I Do Cook.... King Crab Salad, Pesto Pasta & Fish with Artichoke Heart, Olive and Caper

Savvy Sis called me recently because a few of her friends wanted to know if I could cook to prevent myself from starvation in case eating out was not an option. Uh.... To set the record straight, I do cook, not often but I do. Once a week, BF and I (*I am the chef and he is the assistant) will make a special meal for ourselves at home. So last week, we made ourselves a seafood feast..... King crab leg salad with heart of Romaine lettuce
-ingredients: 2 large king crab legs, one whole Romaine heart, cilantro, Caesar salad dressing, salt, pepper, olive oil
1. remove meat from crab legs and stem for 5 minutes. (These legs are precooked)
2. toss warm crab leg meat with chopped cilantro (about one table spoon), fresh black pepper and olive oil (I didn't take exact measurement but just enough to coat)
*I didn't add salt b/c crab meat is slightly salty already.
3. wash and quarter Romain lettuce lengthwise, keep chilled afterward
4. water down Caesar salad dressing with olive oil, dd until dressing becomes running and taste with salt and pepper
5. assemble by placing lettuce on a large platter, drizzle Caesar dressing over the green, and add large pieces of crab meat on top
*You can drizzle more dressing on top of crab meat of desired. I prefer to leave dressing on the side to add if desire. I served this family style but you can serve individual portion as well.
Seared Barramundi with chopped artichoke heart, capers and olives
1. This dish is super simple. Salt and pepper Barramundi on both side and sear with olive oil or butter. We got these white fish at Whole Food. I prefer to sear with butter for a richer flavor.
2. Rough chop artichoke hearts (I used 1/2 of a small jar), black olives (about 1/2 of small jar), and 2 table spoon of caper (use as much or little as you like)
3. After fish is done and removed to a serving platter, I added a little splash of olive oil to the existing pan to saute finely chopped garlic first. Then, add rest of the chopped ingredients and de-glaze with a big splash of white wine, juice of 1/4 lemon and salt and pepper to taste. This will cook very quickly. I kept this fairly dry but you can add some more liquid (ie chicken broth or wine) if you prefer more juice.
4. Add finely chopped cilantro if desire for more color
Pasta with pesto and grilled yellow zucchini and sliced black olive1. use any type of your favorite pasta and follow instruction
2. slice yellow zucchini lengthwise, coat with olive oil and grill (if you don't have time to grill first, it is okay to just saute with garlic and olive oil)
2. saute finely chopped garlic (about 1 large clove) to olive oil and add pre-made pesto sauce, grilled yellow zucchini (cut to bite size pieces), and sliced olives (you can leave out if not available.)
3. toss cooked pasta to the pan and mix everything well
4. salt and pepper to taste
5. add some rough chop basil for additional flavor and color if desire (I love basil.)
*this pesto pasta dish is my comfort food. This keeps well and taste great the next day.

Well, this is my once a week gourmet meal. What do you make when you feel like treating yourself?

***Sorry I have not picked the winner to the scarf giveaway. I will organize all the names today and announce the winner tomorrow.


  1. yummy food ! argh i can't cook ! i can only cook egg and instant noodle i think . lol !

  2. Yum! I love cooking with my sweetie - with a bottle of wine, of course. :-)

  3. That looks really yummy - I'm ready to dig in, at 8am in the morning!! Also, why don't you order wine by the glass when you go out? Me and my bf always do that, I don't like having more than one glass anyway and he is sort of the same.

  4. This is a great post, and thanks for sharing the recipes with all of us. I like making pasta salads for big potlucks. I cook all the time (being a student who needs to save money). I only eat out as a social thing, something to do with friends. Otherwise I prefer to stay in and cook for myself. I also live at home during the summer, so I enjoy my mom's cooking as well. If I had more money, I would cooked fancy food but most of the time, I like cooking pastas.

  5. OMG the king crab legs salad is making me DROOL!!!!

  6. I'm craving for that king crab salad and pasta too. Yummy!

  7. The king crab legs salad just made my mouth water and it's only 8:25Am. I so want some of that. YUM!!!

  8. Yummy all! Oh nooo, I'm hungry now!


  9. That looks amazing!!! I don't cook that often but cooking with the bf is always fun! LOL at "assistant" you are so funny!! And wine is my favorite! :)

    Happy monday!!

  10. Everything looks sooooo good. I am printing the recipes! I may even make them.;-)

  11. Yummy! Thanks for the recipes! ;-)

  12. I love the look of that salad. And the pasta. Yum!

  13. That crab dish looks yummy! I am sooo not a cook. I pride myself on making eggs and pasta. haha

  14. that looks so yummy!!! I generally plan and cook something new every Sunday!

  15. everything looks really good! My hubby and I eat out a lot but we try to cook a really good meal once a week. will have to try out some of these recipes!

  16. Wow, can I get more of these food porn pics/recipes in the future?! Seriously, they are amazing! :) The king crab salad especially seems to be calling my name...hehehe.

  17. Wow that crab salad looks delicious!!


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