Sep 5, 2009

What's Inside Your Bag?

I was tagged by the savvy Shop N Chomp to show what is inside my bag. I am a pretty simple gal and I like to travel light so I will bring only necessities and not a thing more. I rotate my bags and wallet so currently you will find me using:

-black Prada long wallet
-Oliver People polarized sunnies
-black Louis Vuitton business card holder --- It can be a great little wallet for going out (ie clubbing) if a gal doesn't want to bring anything else.
-a packet of berry flavor gum --- I always have gum with me.
-a simple nylon cosmetic bag to hold lip balms, gloss and other cosmetic necessities
-a pack of tissue --- I am big on wiping things down
-a bag holder savvy gal pal got me for my birthday
-(my cell phone which is not shown)

That's it! Like I said before, I don't like to tote things around. I pack my purse like my luggage for traveling, lighter the better. What's in your bag and do you travel light?

I also want to shout out Wendy B thinks I am savvy. She is the best and what a talented jewelry designer. This piece is one of my favorite for the simplistic design. Although are are lots of yummy jewel candies here by Wendy as well.

Have a wonderful weekend! I have housewarming and birthday parties to attend so off me go!!!


  1. Your bag holder is ever so pretty, I have yet to come across these in my part of the world.

    I always attempt to travel light but end up with a million things in my bag.

  2. I use a bag organizer to organize stuff in my bag because unlike you, I bring the whole house with me. LOL :-)

    I have my Gucci Wallet which is as big your Prada, my makeup pouch, a small camera pouch which houses my Canon G9 camera, perfume, altoids, my sunnies, my pen case (I don't know why I need to bring lots of pens with me), my Moleskine notebook.

    I have a bag holder but since my bag is so heavy, the bag holder can't carry the weight so it always ends up dropping on the floor.

  3. I prefer small purses, so I usually have a small bottle of water, my wallet, sunglasses, my camera and keys in there. Oh, and a lipstick, but that's about it :)

  4. bag so small, just for lipgloss and my wallet. hehehe

  5. Don't shoot! I rarely carry a bag... (hides in shame)
    I will carry a bag when I'm sick so you'll find medicine, aspirins, cough drops, hankies, water, keys and my wallet. I don't even have a cell...

    Bag holder ? hmmmm, I like the idea!

  6. i keep my umbrella & scarf in the car and put them in my bag as needed. occ. a change of shoes. but day to day: wallet, cell, camera, sunglasses + case, lip balm, hand sanitizer, keys. i travel light.

  7. Nice bag and items!

    I have a Juicy wallet (it's very summery so prob changing to a Kate Spade brown leather one I have soon), small gold Sephora case for lipglosses, tissues, hand sanitizer, small handcream, small mirror, cell phone, ipod, and camera sometimes. It's alot! haha.

  8. I rotate bags almost every day, but I still carry around a ton of stuff inside :)

    have a fun weekend!

  9. ouuu a Prada wallet, nice ^.^

  10. I like that you travel light. I try to...but sometimes it doesn't quite work out that way!

    We love Wendy!

  11. Trident blue is my favorite gum and I LOVE that WendyB necklace.

  12. Your bag is so organized! I got tagged to do this too but it's such a mess haha! I love your sunnies!!!

    And I adore Wendy!! XO

  13. Hi Savvy gal! I did my post on what's inside my bag. Thanks for the inspiration.

  14. That *is* traveling light. I used to carry a lot in my bag, but lately I've been deliberately using smaller purses (just large enough that I can use my long wallet) to force me to downsize. I might post on this later.

  15. Love this post. I have an obsession with seeing what others have lurking inside their handbags! :)

  16. Nice sunnies! I love these kind of posts, it's like satisfying that secret temptation to root in other people's purses!

  17. I'm glad you enjoyed your seal of approval! Thanks for the kind words.

  18. A., thank you for doing the tag! *^_^*

    Hee hee...I always have gum with me too. I am anal about having stinky! Card holders are a must. I don't even use a wallet anymore since I rather just pay with a cc. Love your Oliver People sunnies!

  19. It's true - so interesting to see what's inside other people's bags.. OH how we're so nosy! :)



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