Jul 6, 2009

Put Your Best Image Forward: What to Wear to A Job Interview

As part 2 of Put Your Best Image Forward, Michelle of Global Image Group continues with how men should dress for that important interview or meeting. To read part one, click here.

1. How should I dress for an interview in a conservative industry, such as banking, corporate law, and government?

Men should wear tailored suits: 2 buttons for a more conservative look and 3 buttons for a modern look. Interview suits are best in navy, charcoal grey or khaki beige (in the summer). Pinstriped suits appear more authoritative and are common in conservative industries. The suit should be paired with a white or light blue buttoned-down shirt. Vests and double-breasted jackets tend to be too formal. To look more polished, remember to pop on the cufflinks.

2. How should I dress for an interview in the engineering and science industries?

Men can wear a navy blazer with a white or light blue collared shirt and khaki pants. You can finish this outfit with brown or black leather soled shoes- either lace ups or loafers are fine.

3. How should I dress for an interview in the retail and service industries?

You can wear a bold tie or a birds eye suit. For the service industries, you can wear a buttoned down sweater and nice slacks. For a pants alternative, khaki gabardine pants are presentable enough.

4. What are some things that men should NOT wear an interview?

Men should not wear sports watches or chunky rubber- soled shoes.

5. What are some guidelines on makeup and grooming?

Your facial and head hair should be neat and clean-cut. You establish more credibility if you remove all facial hair.

6. What about accessories?

Your belt and briefcase should match your shoes. Dress socks should match the shoe or the pant color. White sweat socks are just for that sweating and reserved for the gym. Regardless of the industry, men should not wear any earrings or necklaces. You can wear a watch- either metal or leather- strapped. Unless you are married, you should not have any other rings on your fingers. With these tips, your appearance will be one less thing to worry about. Remember that your clothing is a reflection of you. If you look good, you’ll feel good and others will react accordingly.

I want to thank my darling gal pal for her insightful expertise. She is absolutely fabulous with her clients and a ton of fun as a shopping partner in crime. Savvy readers, I hope this will give you an edgy over competitors and good luck to anyone looking for a new career or starting one.


  1. Very informative and so helpful to all the grads looking for employement right now.

  2. great tips! very practical too

  3. Lovely post! Hope to see more people coming in for interviews dressed with these tips in mind! Happy Monday :) xo

  4. I love the information about accessories. I wear a cocktail ring everyday - no matter what I'm dressed in - so I appreciate knowing that this isn't the best thing to sport when on a job interview! :)

  5. Fabulous tips! It shocked me what seem people strolled in wearing when I was interviewing them! p.s. You're making an appearance on our blog roll! It only took me forever to update it. : )

  6. Interesting post. Great tips!


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