Jun 21, 2009

Over the Knee Boots

Boots is a winter essential and having a great pair of boots can certainly make a gal's outfit extra snazzy. However, I am not too sure about this over the knee boots. With my petite height of 5 feet 4 inches, I am sure I will look perfectly odd in this particular trend. Also I am not sure if I want to only wear shorts and miniskirts in the winter. Perhaps a pair that is slightly over the knee might be alright but any higher will just be silly on me. Both images from Prada Fall 09 via style.com --- How are these attractive?
left Chanel --- My legs may not be long enough for these boots.
right Celine --- The wrap around leather straps look interesting but bulky.
Prada boots $1400 via Neiman Marcus --- A gal needs to be at least 5 feet 10 inches uh....
left Gucci $2590 via Gucci.com
center Jimmy Choo $1395 via Saks
right Gucci $2950 via Gucci.com --- First of all, will anyone pay $3000 for this pair of boots? Not me for sure! The design is unique with the patent leather patch and these are almost like wearing leather pants.
top left Jimmy Choo $1995
top right Manolo Blahnik $1795
bottom left Stella McCartney $1595
bottom right UGG $300 --- Why?
What do you think of OTK (over the knee) boots?


  1. yay! love boots! maybe this year I'll dare to wear some over the knee ones!

  2. Hussein Chalayan did a much better version of the waders..they look like fashion, not like you're going on a fishing trip à la Prada.


  3. YAY! J'adore!

    I've got a over the knee suede boots from Biba. :)

    Hope U are having a lovely weekend.

  4. I can't buy into these. At all.

  5. Eh, I'm not really into this look either. I don't think I can pull it off.


  6. I think some pieces of this trend are very interesting, but it's not for me. I have no legs for that.

    Hope you'r having a nice weekend, dear


  7. i love those knee-high boots except ugg. lol!

    wish i've the height to wear them.

  8. I WOULD...but I'm not tall enough either and they wouldn't be flattering at all! Plus $$$. I'd rather get some heels! I hope you're having a great weekend!! XOXO

  9. loveee them! mmm but are they comfortable?

  10. I loveeee over the knee boots omg but I haven't found a pair that is comfortable yet... Plus people say that they're too S&M but I don't think so!

  11. Drooling over the Jimmy Choo OTK boots!!!

  12. I want a piar of otk boots maybe in white or a retina searing neon.
    But I don't think im tall enough for them.

  13. Yes, I think I'm way to short to pull off this trend, but I do love the look.

  14. I think they'll look great on very tall girls or girls with long legs. I love seeing tall editors wear them on jak and jill's blog! They look really cool and fierce! xxoxoxo

  15. yeyeyyyyyyyy...i love boots.

    chanel boot : sexy but strange.
    celine boot : unique but bulky. i will look "bigger".
    prada : OMG...i'm not a tall girl!!! i will look strange. maybe i don't need pants if i'm wearing this boots.
    gucci, jimmy cho, gucci : i dunno. those boots are strange for me. so expensive!!!
    jimmy cho : cute!! so sexy!!
    manolo blahnik : oh no...
    stella mcCartney : as i say, i'm not a tall girl.
    UGG : like a school girl.

    I think, OTK boots are perfect for a tall girl.

  16. wow i think they are too high .. not my style. haha but perfect for a tall girl ofcoursee!

  17. Ohmy! I can't imagine myself wearing these booties. But I said the same about skinny jeans a few years ago...

  18. I love it....I think it's hot!

  19. very sexy! and if dressed just right one might not look like a hooker in them!

  20. I had the same idea as drollgirl. I first thought of stripper boots ;D Or if you want to get away with out shaving. Fun for younger people, but not for me.

  21. I got the NM email with that Prada boot in it. Holy hotness.

  22. I think they're going to be so hot this fall! I had to get used to them at first, but now I'm in love.

  23. Please help I LOVE the Stella McCartney's but I can't find them anywhere. The only over the knee boots I can find have a thicker heel then the ones pictured. Please someone link. thankyou, Melanie

  24. Melanie: Have you had a chance to call Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman? I saw the Stella McCartney on Bergdorf.


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