May 1, 2009

Thin Out Nail Polish

I love to buy nail polish in every color of the rainbow but I get really annoyed when these darn things become all lumpy and gooey before I have a chance to use everything up. Most of the time, there is still at least half left inside. So what is a gal to do when her nail polish dries up?
Back in the days, I used to add a few drops of nail polish remover which worked alright except after a time, high water content within polish remover will separate. I don't know if it's bad for nail lacquers but I would just shake everything up again and continue on using the product. I wanted to use the color above but had to add nail polish remover to thin out this nail polish goo. My friend tells me I can also add a few drops of paint thinner to thin out dried up nail polish.

Anyway, I must have been living under a rock because I have no knowledge there is such thing as nail polish thinner until the other day. I just figure sneaky nail polish manufacturers just want me to buy more. I discovered by accident nail lacquer thinner by O.P.I. on Amazon. I think the retail price is like $7 or something like that. So what do you do when your nail polish dry up?


  1. Oh yeah, me too. I'm a nail polish fan! Haha!


  2. I used to do the same thing, add a few drops of acetone or any nail polish remover. I guess were neighbors down there under the rock! LOL

  3. I have had Chanel nail polishes dry up so hard that I can't even open up the bottle. It makes me mad!

  4. LBR: know what you mean. i used to use a plier to open these caps. i figure even if i break the darn thing, there is nothing to cry over anyway. most of the time, plier strategy works and after a few drops of acetone/polish remover, the polish works wonder again. Oh, just remember to clean the inside of the cap and around the bottle neck too!

  5. How cool...I always just throw them out...I had no idea that I could get such a thing!

  6. Great tip!
    I adore Chanel nailpolish!

  7. Nail lacquer Thinner is always great to get more out of your nail polish
    I know where is even cheaper


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