May 20, 2009

Summer Floral & Chanel Natural Makeup

Floral prints just reminds SG of summer, just so lively and happy. I love the brightness of light summer frocks and floral prints in any size and shape just add an extra touch of feminine style. Although I normally prefer bold floral prints, I have come across delicate floral prints recently that just have me go gaga.1. Adrianna Pappell $198 via Nordstrom --- floral maxi dress, how savvy!
2. Ali Ro $270 via Shopbop --- For summer, a short tier print dress is cool and stylish.
3. DVF $795 via Net-a-Porter--- I don't usually like small floral print but this dress balances perfectly sophisticated sweetness.
4. Bellatrix $78 via Nordstrom --- Just perfect with a pair of jean or crisp white pants.
5. Oscar de la Renta $2490 via Saks --- This bright floral coat will make any outfit perfectly snazzy.
6. Milly tunic $325 via Net-a-Porter --- perfect for a walk on the beach or Sunday brunch

If floral print RTW to too much for you, what about a little floral accent to bring out your inner summer spirit?
7. Marni floral tote sale $360 via Net-a-Porter
8. Valentino floral leather tote $3495 via
9. Missoni floral scarf sale $60 via Net-a-Porter
10. Betsey Johnson floral ring $48 via Nordstrom
What about a Marc by Marc Jacob umbrella to shield a gal from the skin damaging UV rays?
For summer, Chanel is going natural for the understated chic. I have the blush in Orchid Rose (shown in the picture above), I love the soft natural glow of this slightly rosy smelling blush. For summer, I tend go for the natural healthy look with makeup due to my love for bright colorful clothing pieces during hot days. SO, I definitely don't need more colors on my face. I don't really like brightly colored face and matching colorful outfit, the look is over the top. Do you like floral and what type of makeup do you prefer in the summer?


  1. adore DVF lovely long as the colour & graphic are not too 'vulgar'...She is a fab lady isn't she?! ~XO*

  2. wow wow wow...i love floral print no 3 dress and 4 top. so 8 tote, gorgeous.
    hmmm..i really want that makeup but yeah i dont have much money...

  3. gorgeous dresses! thank you for sharing!

  4. Oooh love the flower ring!!

  5. Hi there-lovely picks here, the Betsey Johnson ring is so Dior-esque!!

  6. I LOVE that flowery handbag!!!!

  7. I love the second dress !!! It is lively and reminds me also to the summer!

  8. Divine florals! Love that Bellatrix blouse!


  9. Thanks girl! The header is a costume jewelry piece from Tom Binns--he is divine! By the way, that DVF floral dress is to die for. And I need that umbrella!! Oh spring, how I love you.

  10. Such pretty florals... I need more of these in my closet! xo

  11. I am head over heels for #3!!!

    I love the new Chanel makeup line!

  12. I need # 3 and # 10 desperately! :)

  13. I usually steer away from floral patterns, becuase they don't really work for me. However, I don't mind a floral accessory, especially a giant flower cocktail ring!


  14. I love the umbrella!

  15. #4 is just lovely! I agree, keep the makeup light and natural in summer, although that being said a splash of color on the lids is cute too!

  16. I love the Milly tunic and Betsey Johnson ring! I tend to go more natural with makeup in the summer also. I get some natural color from the sun and don't like to go crazy with colors on my face.

    I purchased a great palette from Bobbi Brown last summer of all nude glosses and shadows. I love it and wore it all summer. I'll be using it again this summer.

  17. Love florals! And natural make-up!


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