May 14, 2009

Short & Savvy: 3/4 Sleeve Jacket

Even though summer is almost upon us but I still find the need to put on a light jacket in the early hours of the morning. And as I live in Southern California, night time can become quite chilly even now. For this purpose I have purchased quite a few half and 3/4 sleeve length jackets and cardigans because a gal can't not have too many of these light jackets. I do prefer this trend because I am quite petite and this style is perfect for my slight frame.

I have had readers write me about how to wear shorter sleeve jackets so taking this opportunity to discuss this issue. There is really no different between wearing a short sleeve jacket vs. a normal long sleeve jacket. So what are some ways to wear short sleeve jackets?

1. In the summer I have worn short sleeve suits to meeting. I would just pair a sleeveless or short sleeve shirt underneath.
2. Layering a long sleeve fitted top or shirt or sweater under a shorter sleeve jacket is very stylish too.
3. Short sleeve jackets are the perfect topper for a dress. Visually shorter sleeve jackets are so much lighter than a normal sleeve length jacket.

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Basic 3/4 sleeve length jacket

1. Valentino black jacket $990 via Valentino --- A basic black jacket, a gal can't never have too many!
2. Ann Taylor black fitted jacket $169 via Ann Taylor --- a savvy substitute for the Valentino
3. Akris vertical grey/white jacket $1290 via Saks --- A perfect spring and summer jacket

What about 3/4 length sleeve with personality?

4. Ellen Tracey leather jacket $498 via Saks
5. Elizabeth and James $395 via Nordstrom ---- A pop of color is savvy!
6. Mike + Chris military jacket $195 via Nordstrom
7. Marc by Marc Jacob eyelet jacket $348 via Nordstrom
SG's favorite denim and linen!!

8. 7 for all mankind $250 via Nordstrom --- I would roll up the roll of my denim jacket in the summer to pair with a cute feminine dress.
9. Summer linen jacket $138 via Banana Republic --- Linen might wrinkle but a great piece for light summer looks. I do like the wrinkled grungy look.
10. Juicy fitted blazer $248 via Nordstrom --- My favorite (have my eyes on this) piece!!! This will be perfect with so many looks: polish pants/skirt for a casual chic look, tee and white jeans for a casual look and cute summer dress for a classic feminine look.

So savvy readers, do you like 3/4 sleeve length jacket and how do you wear this style?


  1. Last year I got a short-sleeved jacket which I thought was a crazy idea at first, but it turned out to be so useful and perfect for so many summer occasions.

  2. Hi there-I love this look too, I've a couple of blazers and denim jacket with short sleeves, perfect for summer!

  3. I adore short sleeved jackets for summer! I use them all the time! Last year I bought a very short sleeved one and couldn't imagine how much I was going to wear it!

  4. I love short sleeve jackets. It pulls together any blah outfit without making it too formal.

  5. I LOVE Armani jackets!


  6. I love 3/4 sleeves. I have this really pretty cream eyelet jacket, from BR, that I love. Haven't worn it this year yet.

  7. I heart Juicy blazer.

  8. great piece honey, i like how fresh and modern short sleeve jackets are.i LOVE when the worn over long sleeved chic.
    muah x

  9. I love a bracelet length sleeve! So many beautiful choices and styling tips here! I like a sheer long sleeve blouse peeking out from under a 3/4 sleeve jacket...

    Love your new profile pic, btw!


  10. I love the jackets you posted, except for the denim. I'm not a fan of denim jackets anymore, it's so 2002! Gosh, how the years go by!! I love 3/4 sleeves though, they are so casual and fresh.

  11. AnonymousMay 14, 2009

    I have to agree -- 3/4 length sleeves look amazing on petite girls. =) I love wearing them!

  12. the Armani jacket is my favorite - i love the bow sash in the front!
    i'm a big fan of 3/4 length sleeves - it's what i'm wearing now!

  13. I have never owned 3/4 anything; but I kind of like that Ann Taylor jacket - very cute!

  14. I like 3/4 sleeve jackets! But the weather here is either too hot or too cold for it!! So I only get to wear my 3/4 sleeve jacket maybe a month out of the whole year :( booo

  15. I like 3/4 sleeves specially in the summer. It great when hot outside and perfect when inside the office. Great picks and the variety of fabrics.

  16. they are great pieces to have!!!

  17. Almost all my jackets look like 3/4 sleeve jackets...that's because I'm a alien with very long hands.:) I like your selection!

  18. I love 3/4 length sleeve jackets. It's nice for the spring when it's warmer but I wear them in the winter too and just layer a long sleeve shirt so it pops out. i like the look!

  19. Can a person with long arms wear the 3/4 or bracelet sleeve jackets?

  20. I don't see why not. With longer arms, sleeves will just be slightly shorter but the overall look shouldn't be different.

  21. 3/4 sleeve jackets make you look taller and slimmer, and looks great on all body types!


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