May 11, 2009

Shopping Monday: My Lust List

As I talked about having some things in my shop of shame, SG in this older and wiser stage learned from past mistakes. Nowadays, I will not buy anything expensive on the first trip. Usually if I see something I like, I will investigate it the first time around and walk away for a time before making the final decision. This method has saved me thousands in the past years.

There are some pieces even though I can't talk myself into buying yet, I still can't get out of my mind even after months and sometimes a year or more. I think these should be classic keepers. So here we go...
1. Hermes H belt $570 --- I saw it first on gal pal years ago and she paid $400, darn it! (image via Hermes)
2. Mikimoto Pearls in Motion necklace and matching earrings --- It's been 2 years since I first come across these. Each pearl is mobile on the white gold necklace so a gal can adjust the position any way she likes. (image via Mikimoto)
3. Christian Louboutin Wedges $475 --- Recent discovery so I am trying to decide between beige and red patent leather. (image via Saks)
4. Louis Vuitton gold metallic wedges $785 --- I really adore the graphic detail. (image via Eluxury)

5. Donna Karan silk dress $2495 via Net-a-Porter --- I adore the loose casual chic of this look.
6. Herve Leger tank dress $780 via Net-a-Porter --- The price is almost within my reasonable range. I think under $1000 might be okay. Most of other pieces are about $1200+. However I am still trying to decide the importance of breathing with comfort with this dress on. I looked great but could breath with comfort last time I tried another similar bandage dress on.
7. Fendi Vintage Tote $1790 via Saks --- This classic tote will be stylish for years.
8. Bottega Veneta Cabat tote $4700 for medium or $5800 for large via Bottega --- This is one of my all time favorite tote. I just can't justify spending this much as of now.

So what is on your lust list?

UPDATE: GILT has Herve Leger Banded Dress for sale now. Click here to join! I am debating if I should get the dress in S or XS. An SA told me before I needed a XS but breathing was a little difficult although I was assured the fit was exactly right.


  1. I love the LV sandals!


  2. lustful list! I think I saw those CL wedges on sale at Those LV sadals and that Herve Leger tank dress are perfect!

  3. Ah my lis is endless...but I do the same as you, I walk away for a time before making the final decision. It's working :-) Hope you have a great week, love: Evi

  4. that orange hermes belt is to die for, SG!

  5. A Louboutin shoes...I am waiting for the opportunity!
    Hope it can be soon!!!

  6. Love your lust list, especially the Louboutin wedges and the Leger dress - had a bunch on sale last time I visited!!


  7. Wow I don't think I could ever shell out $400 for a belt, even if it is Hermes! I say go for the Fendi tote or that DvF dress, both are classic pieces that also are fantastic and will last a lifetime.

  8. I am annoyed I didn't get the banded dress i wanted.... : (

  9. I love that Fendi tote. It is a classic! I am loving the Gucci Hysteria Clutch right now in the tortoise print.

  10. Good thing about the gold wedges is they look classic. I love the Donna Karan but it is pricey. On my lust list for years is a Demeulemeester leather jacket - I passed up on one at Saks years ago and still regret it!

  11. these are all wonderful, classic choices!


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