May 26, 2009

La Mer Session with National Trainer

Last week, Savvy Mom and I went to Nordie to stock up on La Mer products. While we were there, I had a chance to speak with La Mer national trainer Vickie Smith about various products and she shared with me little tidbits about La Mer. I had lots of fun speaking with her and learned a great deal more about La Mer. She didn't need to sell me at all because I am already a devotee. Currently, I am using La Mer creme, lotion, foundation, cleansing gel and tonic. To be honest, I can take or leave the tonic and cleansing gel although I do admit La Mer cleansing gel is very refreshing. I have posted about La Mer creme in the past and I sincerely adore this product. (Seriously I am not getting paid to say this!) The creme is very moisturizing and great at keeping my skin soft and hydrated. Both my sister and mom agree they have noticed skin texture becoming softer and little fine lines disappearing. I have also used the creme for sunburn and bug bites. According to Ms. Smith, during Roman time, seaweed was used to sooth burn, allergy and irritations. I noticed when my facial skin became overly sensitive during seasonal changes, La Mer creme would help to sooth my skin. The creme retails for $130 per ounce but my mom loves it.

I wanted to know the difference between lotion and creme. Basically there is no difference in ingredients and benefits, only the texture. It's about personal preference, men tend to like lotion more and women, creme. I find the creme too heavy for me during summer seasons and perfect during winter season. My mom is older so she finds the creme fabulous all year round. She doesn't like the lotion at all.

I adore La Mer foundation. Gem stones and diamonds are crushed into fine powder which give the appearance of shimmer and glow on top of all the benefits of La Mer secret broth. The texture is very light and very easy to apply.

While I am there already, I tried on La Mer newest compact powder, loose powder and The Concentrate. Both powder products are light as air with a touch of shimmer resulting from fine gem stone powder. According to Vicki, La Mer compact powder contain Air Gel (consist of 99.9% air) which is the lightest substance on earth. The same product is used by NASA on the nose cone of the rocket. The substance is positively charged so it will bond beautifully with our skin. I will just take her words for it but I agree the powder is super sheer and sits beautifully on top of my skin. Also while she was at Warner Studio, makeup artists there actually agreed La Mer powder is better than what they are using. I guess with high definition television, every line, pore and imperfection will show in high definition so there is a need for something light and sheer.

Last but not least, somehow the topic of plastic surgery and laser came up during our conversation. Subsequently, she showed me The Concentrate, which is supposed to be great for traumatized skin. Vicki shared with me many plastic surgeons actually recommended La Mer The Concentrate pre and post surgery. A patient is to apply the serum 2 weeks before surgery and 2 to 3 weeks post surgery as soon as topical application is allowed by the doctor. This is supposed to reduce scarring, irritation and help with the recovering process. I am interested in getting laser treatment at the end of the year so I might just have to do this then. The Concentrate may cost $350 but healthy recovery is priceless. Have you used La Mer products and what do you think?


  1. I have not ever tried anything by La Mer!

  2. Hey there, thanks for your comment! I also read the twilight series...nature hikes are fun :)

    I have unfortunately never tried anything by La Mer...which is probably due to my rather limited student budget. But seriously, as soon as I get a 'real' job, I will try it out. So I will be able to tell you what I think about the products in maybe 3-5 years? Haha

  3. You convinced me to try it...unfortunately I can't find it here...I will wait for a outside the country trip to buy some products and test them.

  4. Sounds good, except it is way out of my price range. Like WAY out. :( However, I've been using Mary-Kay products (and since my mother is a Mary-Kay Beauty Consultant, I get 50% off all products) and I think they work wonders. :)


  5. SG you are so blessed!!! I'm happy with those small samples that I got from Neiman in the past... Lovely week darling!

  6. I swear by La Mer too. My mom got me into the product a couple of years ago.

  7. O how I wish I could afford La Mer! I have tried samples from Bergdorf Goodman and fell in love!


  8. i have never tried La Mer, and i'm so tempted to buy the lotion. i'm nervous that i'm getting sucked into the hype of it...but then again there are a lot of people like yourself that really make me want to reconsider!!! maybe i should start with one of their products...

  9. I want to add if anyone wants to try La Mer, go to the counter to ask for a sample before spending $130 on a jar. You want to make sure you like it first.

  10. great post! I am planning on switching to la mer soon as I am approaching 30 and need to start!


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