May 16, 2009

Bejeweled Bibs

When I first noticed bold bib necklaces, I didn't care too much for them. But on closer second look, maybe I might like them after all. Wearing any of the below pieces will instantly dress up an outfit, making the overall look snazzy without much effort. I remembered seeing intricate bib style Egyptian necklaces in museums and tried to imagine these pieces worn by past princesses and queens. How regal they must have looked in their palaces! Sigh..... I love to browse museums for hours trying to imagine what life must be like for those living in the era.
1. Chanel (image via
2. Vera Wang sale $731.25 via net-a-porter
3. Baccarat Hortensia 10 flower necklace $3900 --- I have worn the white 10 flower necklace and received many compliments. The necklace is delicate yet dramatic.
4. Chanel (image via --- This reminds me of spring.
5. Kenneth Jay Lane sale $450 via Saks
6. Kate Spade Daisy bib necklace $325 via Nordstrom
7. Ralph Lauren $58 via Nordstrom --- Not as dramatic but very wearable
8. Ben Amun gold mesh bib necklace sale $299 via intermix
9. Malene Birger $295 via net-a-porter

How do you feel about bib necklaces?


  1. Gorgeous. Those are some pretty choices. The great thing is that it works with the simplest outfits to make a stand-out look!


  2. These are incredible, SG! I want all of them, especially the Vera Wang!


  3. I love these, but I just don't know when I would really wear one , and with what!

  4. Wow, these necklaces are so bold and so great!

  5. i have a crush on that Vera Wang piece!

  6. Fabulousss...with simple basic outfits, lipstick+a little blush on+ sleek hair...stunning statement ! XO*

  7. I adore the chanel one!

  8. OH I adore bib necklaces. Drooling.

  9. I think they look killer with basic stuff-like a wife beater and jeans. xo

  10. they are all so gorgeous

  11. I think they're pretty on others, but I think I prefer smaller ones for myself. :) THank you for stopping by!


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