May 31, 2009

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Savvy Mode started in 2008 as a way for me to document my personal journey to living well, and achieving savvy style while finding my own creative niche of comfort. This is also a way for me to share with other women about style and home. As my life transitioned in the last few years, I continue to grow and evolve as a woman, a wife and a new mom, finding my style and comfort in everyday living became more important because simplicity sometimes is the best,

In 2013, personal life took priority and I took a break from blogging to focus on me and my family.  As my little one is gaining independence, and me working on new projects, I am so excited to re-join the social media community again. I want to share tips and hows with my fellow gals as I navigate through the day with hub and tot.  I hope through sharing what I know I can help to make another gal's life more simple, more stylish and more inspired.  I have learned so much from my friends and from the social media community, I like to contribute my share in helping others.  I strive to achieve a balance between style and sensibility in the everyday life. To be honest, it is not always pretty  or easy because being a mom, a wife and me can be trying at any given moment.  My friends always say my house is always guest ready and I am always so put together. Again, I have my moments too. I am not 100% in SAVVY MODE all the time. But it is okay, we try our best and life is dynamic.  ~Angela


Through blogging, I have met many great individuals and learned so much interesting things from  around the world. Don't hesitate to contact me at if there is a question or suggestion because I love to hear from you.

 Also, please contact me at if you want me to test a product for review, advertise on Savvy Mode, and/or sponsor  giveaways on Savvy Mode. I have previously partner with brands such as TOMS, GE, Shopbop, Vaseline, Dr. Perricone, etc. I love to introduce new products and ideas on my blog to share with the community. 

Grungy Chic & Scarf Giveaway

Looking at a recently fashion trend, I am kicking myself for throwing away jeans with slight tear. I didn't know tear and holes became stylish and chic. While browsing around, I couldn't help but fall in like with this pair of Current/Elliott Boyfriend jeans. Looking at some celebs around town, grungy chic is definitely trend du jour.What will I wear with this trend? For myself, I would keep the look simple with monochromatic tops. I particularly adore black, white or black and white. I am practically drooling over these two tops MCQ by Alexander McQueen clothing. These two pieces are edgy but so simple at the same time a gal just can't help but become trendy. Of course I would wear something colorful to make the whole look snazzy. A scarf or a piece of bright bauble would make the entire outfit sizzle.
Without further ado, Savvy Mode will giveaway this Love Knot linen sheer scarf to a lucky winner. This scarf measures 36 x 72 inches and retails for $88. I will wear this as a scarf, wrap and even a tube top. After all, what is summer without a pop of color, right? You can win by leaving me a comment to show interest and will receive another chance if you follow me and let me know it. Contest ends June 12 and is open to individuals with an U.S. address. I will announce winner on Saturday, June 13, 2009. Good Luck!

Can we wear socks with heels?

I came across this picture of Burberry strappy heel with sock and didn't really know what to think of this look. It is not my intention to judge what is fashionable and acceptable because almost anything is acceptable nowadays, however I just can't help but think socks and strappy heels look odd together. Would you wear socks and heels together like this? It sounds great in theory for a photo shoot, to me anyway. Is it savvy or sloppy?

image via Nordstrom magazine

May 30, 2009

Kara Ross Python Cuff

Okay I know I am gushing now but isn't this python cuff just the perfect little piece of luxury to pop any summer outfit? Pink and orange, what an unlikely couple but these odd colors just work so well together. Back in the days I would not pair hot pink and orange together but nowadays, I am living on the edge. Kara Ross cuff retails for $280 which is not bad for an exotic.

image: Vivre

May 29, 2009

Jazz Up That Handle

On my way back from my vacation in March, I was sitting next to this woman with the most beautiful orange Hermes Birkin bag in 30 cm. Besides eyeing her orange bag with envy for 12 hours, I noticed she made her Birkin even more interesting by wrapping an orange color Hermes twilly around the double handles, one twilly on each handle. A twilly which retails for $125 at Hermes is a long silk ribbon about 2 inches wide and 33 inches long. The overall look was so pretty and unique.So I have this Coach bag from years ago which is just left to gather dust in my bag closet. I took it out and wrapped a long chiffon scarf around the handle and voila this conservative bag became a little more interesting. I think I will try to find a brighter long scarf to make this pop even more. This can be achieved with any color/printed fabric strip of choice. It's best to use a strip no more than 2 inches wide to achieve a clean sleek look. I can't wait to try this with other bags. What do you do to make your bag more interesting?

Drooling Over Roger Vivier Heels

I don't have anything by Roger Vivier yet, but I sure would like to slip my feet into any one of these super stylish heels. These are not just shoes, rather each pair is a piece of wearable art, a collectible.My favorites are No. 1 and 5, although I will take anything. What about you?

image: Roger Vivier

I want this Calypso Scarf!

Using a bright thin scarf is sure one of the easiest ways to add layer and interest to even the simplest outfit in the summer. I saw this at Calypso St. Bart the other day and find this cotton/silk long scarf (40 x 80 inches) very unique. I love the pom pom detail around the edge. This piece can act as a wrap, scarf, beach cover up and a tube top (with a little creativity).

image: Calypso St. Bart

May 28, 2009

Longchamp Canvas Tote

Normally I am not a Longchamp fan but I do find this canvas/leather tote very simple but darling.
However, I don't know about paying $340 for a canvas tote. Would you?

2nd image:

May 27, 2009

White/Grey & Black Trendy Pearls

White is perhaps one of my favorite colors for summer. The color is just so crisp and clean. As many might have noticed already I adore pearls and pearls are super hot and trendy now. Adding a strand of long trendy pearl necklace to an outfit simply make the overall look classic with a touch of modern edge at the same time.

What I am Wearing:

Silver Versace asymmetrical tank
White Emporio Armani wide leg pants --- I adore wide leg pants for the casual slouchy look, although it is important to wear something fitted on top to avoid looking horizontally challenged.
Beige Tod's Heels
Black freshwater pearls --- It's a 100 inch pearl strand which I loop into 3 strands.

I had on a denim jacket earlier in the day to make this outfit more casual.

***A close up look of the pearl necklace and my favorite silver top I want to thank for sending me this savvy piece of jewelry. Pearls are so versatile and such a classic to have for a gal's accessory closet.
On left, I just tie the pearl strand into a lariat, almost like a scarf.
In center and right, I added a black ribbon to make the double and triple loops more interesting to the eye.
The package is so nicely wrapped inside a white box with blue ribbon. The pearl strand is contained inside a lovely pouch for storage. Anyway, this just made my day and I am a very happy savvy gal today!

May 26, 2009

Kooba Lauren Hobo

Kooba has always offered savvy designs with fairly reasonable prices. I saw the Lauren Hobo the other day and was instantly attracted by the simple design, not to mention the quality of the leather used. The image just does not do justice at all. The leather is so buttery soft, the bag collapses beautifully onto itself. The little bow detail on the side is very cute unlike a mismatched Prada tote I saw a while ago. The strap can be adjusted so a gal can wear it long or short.
I took a picture of the bag hoping to show the degree of softness. Also I think beige color is so much prettier than black for summer. This is definitely a simple classic hobo that a gal can get many years of usage. The measurement is 8 x 15 x7 inches and retails for $575, which is not bad at all. Is this savvy for you?

top image:

La Mer Session with National Trainer

Last week, Savvy Mom and I went to Nordie to stock up on La Mer products. While we were there, I had a chance to speak with La Mer national trainer Vickie Smith about various products and she shared with me little tidbits about La Mer. I had lots of fun speaking with her and learned a great deal more about La Mer. She didn't need to sell me at all because I am already a devotee. Currently, I am using La Mer creme, lotion, foundation, cleansing gel and tonic. To be honest, I can take or leave the tonic and cleansing gel although I do admit La Mer cleansing gel is very refreshing. I have posted about La Mer creme in the past and I sincerely adore this product. (Seriously I am not getting paid to say this!) The creme is very moisturizing and great at keeping my skin soft and hydrated. Both my sister and mom agree they have noticed skin texture becoming softer and little fine lines disappearing. I have also used the creme for sunburn and bug bites. According to Ms. Smith, during Roman time, seaweed was used to sooth burn, allergy and irritations. I noticed when my facial skin became overly sensitive during seasonal changes, La Mer creme would help to sooth my skin. The creme retails for $130 per ounce but my mom loves it.

I wanted to know the difference between lotion and creme. Basically there is no difference in ingredients and benefits, only the texture. It's about personal preference, men tend to like lotion more and women, creme. I find the creme too heavy for me during summer seasons and perfect during winter season. My mom is older so she finds the creme fabulous all year round. She doesn't like the lotion at all.

I adore La Mer foundation. Gem stones and diamonds are crushed into fine powder which give the appearance of shimmer and glow on top of all the benefits of La Mer secret broth. The texture is very light and very easy to apply.

While I am there already, I tried on La Mer newest compact powder, loose powder and The Concentrate. Both powder products are light as air with a touch of shimmer resulting from fine gem stone powder. According to Vicki, La Mer compact powder contain Air Gel (consist of 99.9% air) which is the lightest substance on earth. The same product is used by NASA on the nose cone of the rocket. The substance is positively charged so it will bond beautifully with our skin. I will just take her words for it but I agree the powder is super sheer and sits beautifully on top of my skin. Also while she was at Warner Studio, makeup artists there actually agreed La Mer powder is better than what they are using. I guess with high definition television, every line, pore and imperfection will show in high definition so there is a need for something light and sheer.

Last but not least, somehow the topic of plastic surgery and laser came up during our conversation. Subsequently, she showed me The Concentrate, which is supposed to be great for traumatized skin. Vicki shared with me many plastic surgeons actually recommended La Mer The Concentrate pre and post surgery. A patient is to apply the serum 2 weeks before surgery and 2 to 3 weeks post surgery as soon as topical application is allowed by the doctor. This is supposed to reduce scarring, irritation and help with the recovering process. I am interested in getting laser treatment at the end of the year so I might just have to do this then. The Concentrate may cost $350 but healthy recovery is priceless. Have you used La Mer products and what do you think?

May 25, 2009

Tod's Pashmy D-Bag

I have been wanting this Tod's Pashmy D-bag since last year after seeing and borrowing a navy one on occasions from Savvy Sis. The tote is very light and can hold everything but the kitchen sink. Even though it's made of nylon, the material is very fine and just so casual chic. Now this is on sale on Eluxury for $645, which color do I want now? The original price is $1125 and the measurement is 16 x 14 x 5 inches. What do you think?

Architecture Inspiration

Often art imitate life and recently shoe styles are taking inspirations from architecture/graphic designs. Chanel heels with steps design --- Oddly, this design reminds me of a spiral staircase.
Christian Dior Cutout Wedge $925. Although the idea is innovative, I still don't like this particular design real life. Perhaps these will grow on me!
1. Dior Cage Sling Back $750 via Eluxury
2. Stella McCartney mesh design heels $995 via net-a-porter
3. YSL Cage boots via on sale $999
4. Alexander McQueen metallic heels $1115 via net-a-porter
5. LV gold metallic wedge
6. Calvin Klein silver square motif heel
7. Sigerson Morrison Huarach Boots $1690 via Bergdorf Goodman
8. Prada Cutout Wedge $795 via Bergdorf Goodman

What do you think of this new trend in shoes?

May 24, 2009

Dior Charming Lock Tote

When I think of Dior bags, an image of Lady D bag always comes to mind. However I have never gotten myself a D bag because I think it's a little too Conservative for me. I adore Chanel quilt bag, I am just not too crazy about Dior quilt bags. With that being said, I must say I do like the Charming Lock from the 09 S/S collection. The material is fine nylon so these pieces weight almost nothing which is great for me because I usually bring everything but the kitchen sink with me. I like the large Charming Lock tote; it's younger and I can sling the double handles on the shoulder. Not to mention, Dior logos hanging on the bag are quite charming, just whimsical and fun. The style is casual but still very ladylike and feminine. There are quite a few styles ranging from messenger bag to a large tote. Retail prices start at around $800 to about mid $1200 which is almost reasonable nowadays for designer bags. What do you think?
image: Dior

May 23, 2009

Exotic Louboutin Wedge

Ah.... Christian Louboutin exotic wedge, how stylish and savvy is this pair of wedge, not to mention comfortable. I tried these on at Neiman in red today after lunch. Instantaneously I fell in adoration and practically drooled on these lovelies. I can see me wearing monochromatic outfits with this pair of wedge acting as a pop of color. Just it is very rude for Mr. Louboutin to charge $1595, ouch. I don't know if my pocket is keep enough.... What do you think?

May 22, 2009

Mesh Valentino Flower Tote

I don't believe this, but SG is going to say something negative about a Valentino piece. I saw this other day and immediate thought "you are kidding me, right?" The design in itself is classic and very stylish. I like the large floral detail adorning the front of this tote. However, I was flabbergasted when I discovered the price of this "mesh" tote. It is $1495, how rude!

May 21, 2009

Vera Wang Bib Necklace

I am currently obsessing anything bib necklace so this Vera Wang piece just catches my attention immediately without a doubt. It's so dramatic real life, it will sure jazz up the simplest of outfits. There is only one glitch; I believe this piece is around $2000, ouch! Savvy or Sloppy for you?

Studded Feet

After slightly rejecting studs, I am now taking a second look in one of the years' hottest trends. I figure when in moderation, I think studs and I will get along just famously. To be honest, I don't think I will wear stud detail clothing but for bags and shoes, this trend is quite savvy in small doses of course. This will add a bit of edge of an outfit without going over the top.
1. Gucci $510via Gucci
2. Tory Burch $375 via Shopbop
3. BCBG $97.95 via Nordstrom --- My favorite for high heels for the style and the savvy price tag!
4. Fendi sale $359 via Eluxury
5. Pour la Victoire $298 via Shopbop
6. Kor by Michael Kors $235 via Saks --- My favorite for flats! I can see myself wearing a cute romper with this pair of sandals.
7. Dolce Vita $180 via Shopbop
8. Sigerson Morrison $549 via Zappo
9. Steve Madden $59.95 via Nordstrom
10. Juicy Couture $254 via Zappo

May 20, 2009

Summer Floral & Chanel Natural Makeup

Floral prints just reminds SG of summer, just so lively and happy. I love the brightness of light summer frocks and floral prints in any size and shape just add an extra touch of feminine style. Although I normally prefer bold floral prints, I have come across delicate floral prints recently that just have me go gaga.1. Adrianna Pappell $198 via Nordstrom --- floral maxi dress, how savvy!
2. Ali Ro $270 via Shopbop --- For summer, a short tier print dress is cool and stylish.
3. DVF $795 via Net-a-Porter--- I don't usually like small floral print but this dress balances perfectly sophisticated sweetness.
4. Bellatrix $78 via Nordstrom --- Just perfect with a pair of jean or crisp white pants.
5. Oscar de la Renta $2490 via Saks --- This bright floral coat will make any outfit perfectly snazzy.
6. Milly tunic $325 via Net-a-Porter --- perfect for a walk on the beach or Sunday brunch

If floral print RTW to too much for you, what about a little floral accent to bring out your inner summer spirit?
7. Marni floral tote sale $360 via Net-a-Porter
8. Valentino floral leather tote $3495 via
9. Missoni floral scarf sale $60 via Net-a-Porter
10. Betsey Johnson floral ring $48 via Nordstrom
What about a Marc by Marc Jacob umbrella to shield a gal from the skin damaging UV rays?
For summer, Chanel is going natural for the understated chic. I have the blush in Orchid Rose (shown in the picture above), I love the soft natural glow of this slightly rosy smelling blush. For summer, I tend go for the natural healthy look with makeup due to my love for bright colorful clothing pieces during hot days. SO, I definitely don't need more colors on my face. I don't really like brightly colored face and matching colorful outfit, the look is over the top. Do you like floral and what type of makeup do you prefer in the summer?

May 19, 2009

Bleach Scattered Jeans

I am totally kicking myself now for throwing away a pair of jeans after I accidentally scattered bleach on it. Apparently many celebs are sporting this look now, darn it! Although I should dislike the messy look but I am a little attracted to this grungy style. It's so casual and has this I-don't-care-what-others-think attitude. If I am to sport this look, I would definitely pair this with cute dressy tops to achieve the intentional glam grunge look, else I might just look sloppy. I have some old jeans to spare, perhaps I can accidentally spill bleach on them again. But, with the black Birkin Ms. V is sporting on her hand, what can look bad with it? Is this look savvy or sloppy?


May 18, 2009

Bottega Veneta: Veneta Vs. Compana

For Mother's Day, Savvy Sis received a Bottege Veneta Compana tote from her hubby. I must say it's a classic and just beautiful. Of course after getting her new toy, we compared the difference between the Veneta and the Compana as I am debating if I want to add a Veneta hobo to my purse closet. To be honest, Bottega Veneta can do no wrong in my eyes, I can't leave the store without wiping drool off my face.

With that being said, I am going to eek out a slight complaint about the Bottega Veneta Hobo bag. Veneta hobo bag is a BV classic and the silhouette is simple and clean. But, I am always fishing for things inside the large hobo. Due to the flat design, it's sometimes difficult to have a clear view of what inside, which Savvy Sister finds frustrating especially when her toddler son is screaming at her. The Compana on the other hand has the hobo silhouette but because of its structure, 12 w x 8 h x 5 deep inches , Savvy Sis finds this bag a lot friendlier when looking for things inside the bag. Compana collapse beautifully when there is not much inside the tote but will expand to accommodate a gal's necessities. Veneta in medium retails from $1550 (17 x 16 inches) and Compana retails for $1980. Which do you prefer?

Thanks to the lovely Elizabeth Marie at Unbeweavable
and savvy Aubrey at Made Me Blush

for giving these awards. This just makes my day!

Jumping 4 Jumpsuits

This past weekend was fun but crazy busy with out of town friends. Back to business, I still can't get myself to love jumpsuits. J-suits make me look shorter than my actual height and my legs look about 2 feet long, not very savvy at all. Granted I have found a couple pieces that are almost acceptable but I seriously don't have the urge to hand over my credit card to take it home with me. I understand it's the trend now but then a stylish gal needs to know what is savvy or sloppy for herself. I have found out J-suits with belted waist look more flattering on my petite height. My legs won't look cut off.
1. Tibi $295 via Saks
2. ABS $278 via Nordstrom --- I like 2 and 3 if I absolutely have to buy a jumpsuit.
3. See by Chloe $475 via Intermix
4. Marley $295 via Intermix --- I tried a Juicy jumpsuit very similar to this and totally insulted myself when my legs looked 2 feet long. Sigh....
Now comparing to a J-suit, I like rompers a lot better because this particular style is so much more flattering on the figure and legs. With a pair of cute sandals and savvy accessories, rompers are quite stylish even for a night out on a hot date. I am actually looking forward to wearing something similar this summer as soon as the temperature permits.
5. Venacava $476 (5+6 via Shopbop)
6. Rachel Paley $194 --- I love the color and will totally wear this with multiple strands of necklaces on a hot date.
7. Marc by Marc Jacob $228 via Saks
8. Ella Moss $178 via Nordstrom --- Adore too!!!
9. Juicy Couture $158 via Shopbop
What about you, are you jumping with excitement for J-suits and rompers this summer?

May 17, 2009

Accent Side Chair

I have learned over the years to avoid buying furniture in haste. These pieces are not like bags or clothes which I can just toss into the forever expanding closet. As I have to look at them day in and day out, it's wiser to look carefully before making the final choice. So I am looking now for a side accent chair to add to the grouping of Noguchi table, Le Corbusier lounge chaise (truly relaxing) in black and a long 60 inspired sofa in beige. I adore classic modern furniture pieces and believe these will grow with me. In decor, I tend to pick simple furniture pieces and use decorative pillows, and accents to jazz up the space. After all, it's easier to change pillows and vases than a sofa. I have personally tried these chairs in the showroom and can't decide on the final piece. 1. Barcelona chair $4328 --- One of my all time favorite chairs!
2. Egg Chair $5934
3. Eames Lounge and Ottoman $3699 and up --- I can curl up and read for hours in this. Savvy Mom's favorite!
4. Flight recliner in fabric $1800 (image 1~ 4 via Design Within Reach) --- My friend has them and these are divine for reading.
5. Archer Chair $999
6. Wegner Wing Chair $4775

These pieces are costly but sometimes if I think about it, I will spend $2000 on a bag and use it maybe a month out of the year so why shouldn't I spend $3000 on a chair which I will use daily for 10 years or more. The cost per use is actually quite low. So do you invest in furniture pieces too?

May 16, 2009

Louis Vuitton Kalahari GM/PM

It's been awhile since I have gone gaga for a Louis Vuitton bag. And, in recent years, I have a tendency to stay away from monogram prints as well. However, I think I am in love with a monogram Louis Vuitton bag. Kalahari is from the 09 S/S Show Collection with Madonna as spokesperson. I didn't even look the bag on the ad campaign but while at a LV boutique to check on an Alma bag for gal pal yesterday, I saw and fell in love with IT. Perhaps it's the unusual detail or the ruffle flap in front but something about this bag just got to me. I expected the ruffle flap to be hard but it was surprising pliant and manageable. The strap sat really comfortably atop my shoulder and the body of the bag tucked nicely under my arm. I didn't have a chance to look at the color leather ones but I figured those would cost an arm and a leg so moot point then.
There are two sizes available GM which is about 13 x 12 x 3.5 inches or PM which is about 10 x 9 by 4 inches. I like the GM but the PM monogram bag is a bow in the center which I think is sort of cute but for that style of bag, I like the larger one better for the more dramatic bolder look. Monogram GM retails for $3390 and PM, 2660. Ouch! In case anyone is interested leather Kalahari bag starts at around $4800. I am right, they do cost an arm and a leg! Do you like this?


Bejeweled Bibs

When I first noticed bold bib necklaces, I didn't care too much for them. But on closer second look, maybe I might like them after all. Wearing any of the below pieces will instantly dress up an outfit, making the overall look snazzy without much effort. I remembered seeing intricate bib style Egyptian necklaces in museums and tried to imagine these pieces worn by past princesses and queens. How regal they must have looked in their palaces! Sigh..... I love to browse museums for hours trying to imagine what life must be like for those living in the era.
1. Chanel (image via
2. Vera Wang sale $731.25 via net-a-porter
3. Baccarat Hortensia 10 flower necklace $3900 --- I have worn the white 10 flower necklace and received many compliments. The necklace is delicate yet dramatic.
4. Chanel (image via --- This reminds me of spring.
5. Kenneth Jay Lane sale $450 via Saks
6. Kate Spade Daisy bib necklace $325 via Nordstrom
7. Ralph Lauren $58 via Nordstrom --- Not as dramatic but very wearable
8. Ben Amun gold mesh bib necklace sale $299 via intermix
9. Malene Birger $295 via net-a-porter

How do you feel about bib necklaces?