Apr 26, 2009

Tod's G Bag

I must say my darling sister sure knows how to pick her bag. Apparently celebs such as Julia Robert, Halle Berry and Kate Winslet are seen around town with this new lovely as well. What can I say, we love Tod's bags! Anyway, like other savvy Tod's bags, this new style is very classic yet casual chic which is perfect for those gals who desire understated elegance and luxury. G bag comes in different materials such as waterproof canvas, leather and exotic skin. I thought these colorful canvas totes ($825) are just perfect for summer. Savvy Sis has the goat skin material in her closet now. The surface is smooth and definitely very luxurious. There is almost an aged look to the treated leather. This bag pairs fabulously with many looks and colors. This tote has some structure so it's casual chic rather than sloppy. And, the double strap handles helps to distribute weight more evenly than a single strap. No wonder this tote is one of the new IT bags. The goat skin retails for about $1600. (pic above is goat skin)

As much as I love this cream color tote, there are drawbacks. First, this bag weights about 1 kilo, which is about 2.2 pounds. After filling the bag with wallet, makeup bag, snacks and such, Savvy Sis admits this bag gets a little heavy after a while. Second, dark denim can possibly transfer color onto the bag. This misfortune has already happened to Savvy Sis. She has successfully clean the color off the leather but the light color stitching on the bag is not as cooperative.For those gals with a bigger budget, what about this to die for alligator G bag? If I remember correctly, snakeskin is a little over $3000 so I don't even want to imagine what alligator might cost. G bag measures about 20 x 11.5 x 11 inches which offers plenty of room for a gal's personal goodies. So is the G bag an IT bag for you as well?

image: tods


  1. I love the beige mode and the croc one! :)


  2. i love that last bag!


  3. I really like the yellow!

  4. they're so pretty!
    i love the goat skin
    it looks beautiful

  5. The croc is gorgeous! Tod's isn't as well known as other brands, but I think they are just perfect for that exclusive, classic feel.

    Btw, I think your blog is great, would you like to exchange links?

  6. that is such a great bag!!

  7. AnonymousJune 03, 2010

    wowww... i love the pretty goat skin.. I want to buy itu? What should I do ?

  8. Check with Tod's store to see if goat skin is still available. My sis got it last year so don't know if the material is still available in different colors. I know G bag is still available. : )


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