Apr 14, 2009

Tod's D-Bag: Evolution of a Classic

If I am gushing over Tod's excessively, it's because Tod's is one of our favorite brands. Over the years, D-Bag evolved gradually into a softer and more modern bag for busy gals on the go. I used to buy lots of trendy bags which later became donation pieces thus wasted lots of my money. Now, I tend to invest in classic timeless bags. Trust me, D-Bag is a timeless classic even though these styles differ slightly but honestly I will be happy with the first generation or the 4th. The first generation D-Bag is quite structured in plain beige color leather. The color deepens throughout the year into a beautiful smooth glossy tan. The above tote is the large and it's still available through special order. Even though Savvy Sis has quite a few bags now, this is still a favorite bag in her heart.
The 2ND generation D-Bag became softer, which made the bag so much easier to use. This is the medium size which is great for toting things around. I have the smaller version in blue which I love to pair with denims and tees in the summer.
The 3rd generation D-Bag remains pretty much the same, except for minor changes like the Tod's tag, hardware on the straps and slight change in materials and colors.
This is the current version of Tod's D-Bag which again remains relatively unchanged except for the added hardware on the shoulder straps and the material. The above lilac measures 16" x 11" x 5 and retails for $1665.

image: last purple bag via eluxury


  1. I love first and last one. So classy! :)

    xoxo: Janet

  2. They all look great!

  3. i love that first bag! =)


  4. Hi there-my favourite is the red one!!

  5. I have 2 Tod's bags (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE). A tan fringe satchel which I got recently, and a blue D-Bag which I got a couple of years back and still continue to wear. The blue D-bag is more classic and easy to wear, though I like 1st and 2nd generation styles rather than the new ones.

  6. I think I know which fringe bag you are talking about. It's really cute but sorta heavy, but I think most of Tod's bags are quite heavy.

  7. These are all so gorgeous! Timeless classics!


  8. they are all so lovely!


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