Apr 13, 2009

Summer Shorts

After seeing this picture of Nicole Richie in cutoff denim shorts, I am itching to cut into a couple pairs of my jeans in preparation for hot summer days. Also looking at her skinny legs makes me want to workout a lot harder.
Of course SG immediately makes a beeline toward some of my favorite shopping sites and I sure do like 1 and 2 but I might just DIY with my old jeans and oil paint brush. What is summer without denim shorts or any short, right? Of course, white or light color shorts are a must-have as well for the fresh summer look. For those I-want-color days, what about a pair of bright color shorts to make an outfit extra snazzy?
For those hot summer days when a gal want to paint the town red, I think a polish pair of shorts in smooth satin or silk with a cute top and accessory makes quite a statement. For those gals wanting to avoid super short shorts, a pair of mid-thigh or knee length shorts is the perfect solution. I tend to buy longer shorts in more polish material for the classy refine look.

1. True Religion denim shorts $187 via Saks (1 + 2 have DIY potential)
2. Blank graffiti denim shorts $69 via Saks
3. CK convertible shorts $39.95 via Nordstrom --- this pair can be worn as short shorts or a longer shorts by letting down the hem via a button
4. Tory Burch bright blue shorts $175 via Saks
5. Elizabeth and Jame black polish shorts $245 via Saks --- I would definitely go out in 5+6 in the evening by adding a dressy top and cute bling sandals or gladiator style heels
6. Loeffler Randall silk drape shorts $195 via Saks
7. Emporio Armani cotton/linen shorts @195 via EA
8. Diane von Furstenberg walking shorts $185 via Sakes --- Throw on a short jacket, this pair of dressy shorts is good for a casual office day. I can see myself wearing a loose thin tunic and strappy sandals having a beautiful summer day luncheon at the Ritz, preferably outdoor.

What about you, are you ready for summer shorts yet?


  1. I'm definitely ready for shorts. But the denim cutoffs? No. No. No. Never.No. I'm petite, so I need either the 3" length or very fitted city-shorts that come right above the knee (the latter must be paired with wedges to work). I don't think I could wear a single pair up there and have it work. LOL.

  2. im excited for summer!

  3. number 6 is so lovely! great draping! =)


  4. Hi there-Nicole just looks so lovely! I've my 7 For All Mankind cut off shorts, I may invest in some more pairs for summer!

  5. I absolutely love and I'm ready. I have lot of shorts (denim or not) I want the 6th pieces. LOL!

    xoxo: Janet

  6. I must work out a little to be able to show my legs in those cute nr 5 pants:)

  7. i will be working out more in preparation for summer too!

  8. I'm ready!!!!! I love shorts!!

  9. I am so in love with #6!!

  10. I cannot wait!!! Need hot days:)

  11. I better start on the legs to wear any of those shorts.

  12. I cannot wear short shorts anymore. it has been years. I wear short skirts but there is sthg about the shorts that I just cannot do. I haven't since I was 18 or 19 yrs old. I just have this weird thing about my legs. dumb but there. they are so freaking cute though. numbers 5 and 6 are gorgeous. number 8 I would do with a plain tank and heels or flats.


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