Apr 29, 2009

Statement Necklaces: Dramatic & Bold

This season, the trend with necklaces appears to be bigger the better. Although I do like statement pieces but some pieces leave me scratching my head asking why. These dramatic pieces look wonderful on the runway, but can we honestly say these look wonderful real life? left: Roberto Cavalli --- this is still simple enough
right: Burberry --- This necklace is actually very heavy real life and I feel a little silly even trying it on at the boutique. (both image via style.com)
left: Marni --- Looks like a craft project by Savvy Niece
right: John Galliano --- Maybe wearable (both image via style.com)
I normally adore Emporio Armani but I really question this flower and pearl necklace. It's actually pretty cute real life and I can see myself wearing something very simple with this necklace but those pearls are made of plastic and I have a problem paying $300+ for this necklace. But, this is very dramatic!

Don't take me wrong, I like statement pieces, just not so grand. I prefer a necklace with character and more wearable for daily purpose. After all, I think I will feel more comfortable wearing any of the pieces below than wearing Marni or Burberry pieces any day.

1. Bib necklace via Banana Republic $125 --- My favorite to wear with simple dress or tank. This piece offers right amount of color, brightness and statement without going over the top.
2. Juicy gold coin necklace via Nordstrom $268
3. Jean Paul Gautier metal ball/pearl necklace $525 via Eluxury

4. Alexis Bittar double strand pearl necklace via Saks $595
5. Tuleste ball and chain necklace via Shopbop $150 --- Another piece that is quite stately and wearable.
6. Kenneth Jay Lane aqua necklace via Saks $150
7. Tuleste metal plate necklace via Shopbop $145

I like drama and statement necklaces like any other gal, but the practical me just need this particular trend in moderation. Now, if it's a bracelet then that is a different ball game. What about you?

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  1. Burberry is great, but Armani is... Wow!


  2. Ilove statement necklaces too! They can make a plain outfit look amazing!

  3. I love the Banana Republic one. Its a great way to dress up simple t-shirt and jeans.

  4. i love the 5th one!


  5. I love these bold pieces. I think they are fun and ironic.

  6. I love first one and emporio armani piece!


  7. Gorgeous!! I am loving chunky necklaces right now.

  8. I love alllll of your choices here - I am so into statement necklaces... I think the Cavalli is my fave!


  9. I like the Kenneth Jay Lane necklace the best hey this time I didn't pick the most expensive one yay :D

  10. J'adore statement necklaces. Forever 21 has so many fabulous ones at affordable prices!

  11. i like #s 1,4,6 and 7 =). The rest not so much =). i hope you're having a great week!

  12. They are fantastic!

  13. I like statment necklaces vey much. But not in a too much bold way.

    Well, my black with white roses maybe it's bold.... ;)


  14. I like bold pieces in moderation too.

  15. they are all so cool, I love the Emporio Armani!!

  16. Out of the designer picks, I go with Burberry though I agree it may be rather ridiculous in real life! Out of the wearable picks, I like JC's. Statement necklaces are a great way to spice up any outfit! I like wearing them with just a simple tee so that even on my lazy days I can look good.


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