Apr 6, 2009

Shopping Monday: Bubble Rings

Years ago at a Cartier party, I had the pleasure of trying on a bubble ring for fun. The 18K gold ring is made up of tiny gold balls atop of the gold band. Each individual gold ball is attached to a tiny ring, making these little lovelies movable. It was quite interesting. Actually the ring is almost exactly like ring #2. I noticed recently there is an insurgence of dramatic statement rings and dramatic bubble rings are becoming quite popular. I, for one, am very excited and adore these ball motif rings.
1. Arielle Starburst Ring via Nordstrom, $58
2. Boucheron 18K gold ball motif ring
3. Red/Blue bubble ring via Swatch, $50 each --- Great savvy buy for a very reasonable price if bubble ring is your cup of tea.
4. Ariella Starburst Pearl Ring via Nordstrom, $68 --- Gal pal got something similar when we went to Paris couple of years ago at Chanel.
5. Delices de Cartier collection ring via Cariter, about $13,000 --- SG's favorite, although I don't know if I will actually pay this much for a fun ring.
6. White Enamel ring via Lee Angel (on sale on Gilt.com, get invite click here)
7. Crystal ring via Swarovski, $260
8. Juicy Ring via Nordstrom, $88

So which is your favorite?

image: Cartier, Boucheron, Nordstrom, Swarovski, LeeAngel, Swatch


  1. Hi there-I adore the Arielle rings in pearl and diamante, they're fabulous!!

  2. I love the red one for number 3.
    hehe they look like cranberries and I'd love to just bite them off.

    I'm terrified of getting a large ring like that. I'm prone to losing things and having anything of value that I know I'd play with scares me.

  3. Great selection! I like yellow gols, so my favourite are second and 5th - Cartier.


  4. I love love love them all!!! Ok, I guess I would pick #8 the juicy one - only because I have a dress it would look so great with! :)

  5. I like the red and blue bubble rings! So sweet.

  6. ļ¼©have the Cartier ring in gold. It's very fun to wear.

  7. I think number 8 is my favourite, so perfect for the summer.

  8. I love rings! Ayia. I pick number 5. Why is it so much more expensive then the rest?! :(

  9. Oh how delicious - perfect Monday eye candy! I love all of them, but your fave is mine too - #5!


  10. Oh I LOVE statement rings!!

    I have a John Hardy ring that is made up of pave white saphires! I love wearing it. People always ask me to try it on and compliment it all the time.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  11. Everything just look so good. I can't choose.

  12. I am really liking statement rings recently too. They are just so wonderful with simple outfits. And yes, we have expensive taste girls....

  13. I love all of these!

  14. I love the blue juicy ring!

    Trisch xo

  15. i love them all! especially the juicy ring.


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