Apr 11, 2009

Mole Removal: Surgery or Laser?

On a recent dinner with some friends, we got into a discussion about mole removal from the face. A couple gals had blemishes removed via laser and a couple of us gal chose surgical method. So which is better?
For me, I will still pick surgical method again if I elect to do another procedure. A few years ago, I had 6 moles removed from my face surgically. Each incision was closed up with a stitch. After carefully caring for these wounds for abut 6 weeks afterward, all 6 removals healed to no visual trance on my face. Honestly, my face cleared up. Some friends commented I looked different but they couldn't figure out why. So why surgical vs. laser for me (I also consulted extensively with my own plastic surgeon friend):

1. Surgery is one time only; laser will take several procedures over a period of time to allow the skin surface to heal.
2. Both can potentially scar, so equal risk.
3. I have a couple larger size moles so surgery is preferred
4. Mole removal with laser has a tendency to reappear. This happened to several gal pals and Savvy Sis.

What to expect:
I was very apprehensive on the operating table. Since it was a very small procedure, I was under local anesthesia so I was conscious of each cut and stitch. Initially I couldn't feel anything but as the surgery progressed and the medication wearing off, I could feel the incision even though there is no pain at all. And, as the plastic surgeon closes up each wound with a stitch, I can feel the pull but no pain.

SG looked like Ms. Frankenstein. I had to wash my face with cotton pad for about 2 weeks. The first week, I had stitches on my face; the second, I didn't want to irritate these wounds accidentally. For 4 ~ 6 weeks afterward, I used a special tape to prevent scarring and I even purchased a sort of silicon patch for burnt patients to ensure smooth recovery. All my work paid off as I have no scars. Now I am considering laser procedure to zap off fine lines and blemishes after seeing a 30 year old friend blending in perfectly with high school students. For another friend, she had moles surgically removed as well but due to genetic, her scars didn't heal as well.

So let me ask you this, will you consider procedures to remove blemishes and lines from your face or is your motto aging gracefully and naturally?

***With any procedure, it's SOOOOO IMPORTANT to find a good plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Do your homework and ask for referrals.


  1. So well written!

    La C.

  2. Thanks for this inside look, darling! You are so right about finding an experienced and accredited surgeon. I have had plastic surgery but never on my face. I think I would consider the laser option...


  3. huh!
    i couldn't stand you'd 6 moles that had been removed.
    when i heard the word ''surgery'' it scares me!
    i'm scared myself being cut by a knife!

    i, myself don't want to have any surgeries unless it's necessary to have it done. The only surgery I had was when i gave birth to mr. freddy. boy, that was the most painful experience and had a long recovery.

    I would prefer laser, my dear!

  4. p.s. thank you so much for the sweet comments.

    have a happy Easter!

  5. I had a friend who was left w a tiny scar...so perhaps laser is the way to go??? PS. I've linked you darling SG! we should trade link-shall we... ~XO*

  6. I've never had a mole that I needed to have removed so I am not sure on that one. But I do get laser treatments just to keep my skin looking nice. I think they work great but I agree with you about doing your research. I'm thinking about getting fraxel. I know a few ppl that got it done (its a laser for blemishes, lines and brown spots) and they had great results. Do you know anyone who has had it done?

  7. a few friends did fraxel CO2 and the results were pretty good.

  8. I have done surgery....


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