Apr 11, 2009

Loewe Napa Aire in Gold

I made a beeline toward a Loewe boutique while I was on vacation. I had so much fun in there. Living in So. Cal, SG is a little spoiled. I can find lots of brands and interesting finds but not a Loewe boutique. Why is that? Anyhoo, I saw this little lovely at the window, and being a bag addict, I had to pay a visit. This is a new 09 Spring Napa Aire in gold calf leather. Normally I don't like pockets on the front of the bags but in this instance, the pocket accents the bag perfectly. I didn't buy this bag because it's quite heavy due to the material. Unlike its lamb skin counterpart which is very light, this baby will weight a ton once fill with my goodies. However, I don't think lambskin Napa Aire offers the front pocket accent. I like this bag because it's large, very casual elegant and can be worn on the shoulder when my hands are unavailable. The price is anything but savvy, after conversion, this baby will cost a gal about $1830. ~ Sigh... Thankfully I am too far away now to have an impulse buy!


  1. I love the shape of that bag but...the price tag is horrible!!

  2. what a lovely bag!


  3. that is a beautiful bag!


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