Apr 30, 2009

Jelly Shoes: Good, Bad & Ugly

It appears every designer under the sun has gotten the jelly fever. Chanel here and Lousis Vuitton here are not exception. I guess if it's around long enough, jelly will become acceptable and even fashionable. I am still on the fence about jelly shoes as I really don't like the idea of mixing sweaty feet with plastic shoes. To be honest, I can sort of see the attraction with brightly color jelly shoes. These can be like jelly rancher candies. I am guilty for liking the ones by Chanel but I have not given in yet to the urge yet.

1. J Crew jelly flower sandals $29.50 --- If I am to buy jelly sandals, I guess J Crew will be okay because the price point is reasonable and I can just toss them after the summer.
2. Burberry jelly T-thong sandals $125 via Nordstrom
3. Jimmy Choo jelly sandals $175 via Nordstrom
4. BCBG jelly sandals $88 via Saks

5. See by Chloe $125 via Saks
6. Melissa $100 via Saks --- Another big brand from Brazil
7. Marni $175 via Marni --- I have to be paid to wear this!
8. Tory Burch Reva Jelly flats $95 via net-a-porter --- For a rainy day
9. Tod's jelly sandals $175 via Nordstrom --- Why? I have a pair very similar in leather, so much better!
What about jelly shoes for the little ones?
left D & G Juniors $60
right Ralph Lauren $28 (both via Saks)

So what do you think of jelly sandals/shoes? Have you gotten yourself a pair this season yet?

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  1. Jelly shoes will never have a place on MY feet, but I must admit I'm loving the two for the little ones! My daughter needs those!

  2. I like Melissa Jelly sandals!


  3. I am a huge fanof Melissas, as you know...I would like to buy at least 5 from this last collection!

    I just need more money for it...hehehe

  4. i love number 6!


  5. I think it doesn't make any sense to pay more than $100 for a jelly flats! it's totally crazy! but I do like them for going to the beach :)

  6. Awww I'm a fan of the pink J Crew sandals!

  7. Some of these are really cute - you've picked a nice selection - but just looking at them makes my feet sweat!


  8. I agree with you all, jelly sheos are sorta cute but I am really having a problem paying $100+ for them and the thought of sweating feet is just not very savvy uh.

  9. They are cute, but I don't like wearing them...they make my feet sweaty!

  10. Hi there-I already have some flip flops like the J Crew ones, they were an Elle freebie last year and still going strong!!

  11. They are cute but I don't think I'll buy them except for maybe the flip flop for the beach. They are too juvenile for my taste =)

  12. Nice timing. I think this post is all I needed to cave in and buy the cheapie F21 sandals even though I'm supposedly on a spending ban. Supposedly.

  13. I figure I don't need to buy into this trend... I did once or twice before growing up. I do like that they are comming up with styles other than your basic "sandal"

  14. ooh...I wore these as a kid in so many different colors. I was at DSW the other day and saw that beautiful pair of Jimmy Choo sandals and I thought...wow! they are so inexpensive at $175. I went to pick them up and they were jelly! I had no idea bc perched up in all their glory they looked a bit liked leather...or some other unidentifiable material. I wouldn't pay that much money for them but they were definitely cute for the beach...I'd just rather get a cheaper pair. I'm thinking that if I decide to get in on the trend, I'd do a really bright and fun color.

  15. I just tried on the burberry and the Tod's jelly shoes. As comfortable as the Tod's ones were, I wasn't about to spend $200 on jelly shoes. I might pick up those jcrew ones for the beach tho!

  16. I have the burberry clear t-thongs and they're really perfect for the beach and pool when I'm on vacation!! Those JCrew ones look really cute :-)

  17. you got mad style the black shoe #6 my wife wants that where do I get it for her.


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