Apr 17, 2009

Getting Ready for a Wedding

We are all very happy Savvy Niece is going to become a flower girl for the first time. As a proud auntie and mommy, Savvy Sis and I are looking around for the perfect little princess dress for her.With the flower girl dress and shoes set aside, I am think what I will wear to a wedding. With other parties, it's so easy to just wear a little black dress if there is nothing else. But, for a wedding, I want to avoid black. Recently, I am really loving metallic colors for some reason. It seems like I have the gold/silver fever. So when I shop now, I usually make a beeline toward rich gold, or cool silver. What is going on? What is happening to spring bight color phase?
left to right:
3.1 Philip Lim $925 via net-a-porter --- My favorite! Shiny and easy to wear.
Jay Godfrey $495 via Intermix
Alice + Olivia $505 via net-a-porter --- The ruffle hem is just divine!
left to right:
I like the following 3 pieces for the interesting elements.
Donna Karan $1895 via Intermix
Moschino ruffle dress $2495 via net-a-porter
Stella McCartney $2395 via Intermix --- This isn't gold or silver but the detail is just too stylish to miss.

left: Sue Wong $388
right: ABS ombre strapless silk dress $410 --- These 2 pieces are very stylish and easier on the wallet. I like the ombre silk dress for myself. It's just so flowy and romantic.
After letting Savvy Niece survey all her choices, she actually likes this pair of white sparkle shoes from Circo by Target the most. That goes to say, children pick what they like, not by the price or designer brand. And, these little flats are comfy too. How savvy is that!

So let me ask you, will you wear black to a wedding?


  1. A Saturday night wedding in cooler weather: absolutely, you can wear black. Technically, you can wear black to weddings now with no issue. But after years of a closet packed with black clothes, I'm a "color" girl now. Any color. Just no black. LOL. It's spring. I say add a pop of color, but steer clear of icy gray & white....wouldn't want to upstage that lovely bride ;)

    And kudos to the neice for picking what she likes, not what costs more. That won't last forever. ;)

  2. I love the first one and black one. :)
    Great choices!


  3. love the ruffle-y dresses! So cute and girly :)

  4. i am totally against ALL BLACK attire for ladies to a wedding, BUT if it has some sort of design to it then its ok.

  5. I think that the it depends on the wedding. If it's an evening, formal wedding, I think it's OK.

    And I love that gray dress at the top!

  6. I like the middle gold dress with the ruffles the most. Then again, I'm a ruffles type of girl.

  7. the philip lim is my fav too!

  8. It's a toss up for me between Alice + Olivia and Philip Lim.
    Anything similar to Dorothy's sparkly shoes are always a hit with kids =)
    I prefer not to wear black in a wedding. I think it's gloomy for a wedding. =P
    Happy Friday!

  9. wowwwwwwww i love this one "Stella McCartney $2395 via Intermix". but the price...oh GOD..


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