Apr 15, 2009

Feather Valentino Tote

Isn't this tote just dramatic and oh so eye-catching, just like a peacock with its jewel detail. It's not what I expect of a Valentino piece but it's different. Now, I can just see my niece and nephew pluck off these feathers one by one. I think by the time they are done, this tote will become a naked peacock. For around $5000, this is great in theory than practice for me. What do you think? How much will you pay for this tote?


  1. That bag better fly me to NYC for that price.

  2. that's an intense bag. in the best way.
    i wouldn't want to see the price tag. hahah

  3. Very pretty... but it would probably be destroyed after ten minutes in my hand. I'd put it in a glass box and just look at it.

  4. wow that looks amazing!!!

  5. that tote is stunning. I just love jewel tones like these!!

  6. WOW... that is QUITE a purse... and the price tag is another WOW... I think I will stick with visiting the Arboretum and viewing the feathers on the peacocks!

  7. artisitcally, this is gorgeous.

    practical..not so much..

  8. Hiya
    I did a post on the bag on my blog and the pictures on the internet are rubbish compared to the one you have so i put a link of this page on my blog so they can get a better view of the bag.
    if you want me to take it off send me a msg- lizzibabe95@hotmail.co.uk


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