Apr 3, 2009

Buying a Bigger Diamond...

Recently a couple of readers want to know how to buy a bigger diamond for the ring. I sat there for a few minutes thinking about this, I mean I don't know of any gal who doesn't want a bigger diamond for her ring. So we know we want bigger diamond but with budget and the 4 C's (carat, color, clarity and cut) what is a gal to do? If I am buying a diamond for myself I would:

  • Set up a budget because as we know sky is the limit when it comes to diamonds. Usually I find we often do go over budget, just like home remodeling. There is always something bigger and better in the store.
  • Buying the best (whitest) color while getting VS quality clarity so a gal can get a bigger diamond. Under naked eye, VS clarity looks great for everyday wear. Color ranges from D (whitest) to Z (very yellow looking but do not mistaken that for yellow diamond).
  • If possible, look for diamonds with inclusions more on the edges instead toward the center of the rock. This way, it maybe possible for the setting to hide some of the inclusions.
  • Cutting will also make a difference in the price but you don't have to buy ideal cut, excellent or good cut will do if carat matters very much.
  • For D, E, F color diamond, try to avoid fluorescent but with lesser quality diamonds, fluorescent will make the rock look whiter until natural light

Seriously for myself, unless I am buying a diamond for investment purpose, I will pick VS1 quality with E or F color even for my own engagement ring. I mean once I have that piece of rock, I ain't ever selling that thing. I have spoke to the people at Harry Winston and De Beer extensively, and for everyday wear, they agree if there is a budget concern, VS1 or 2 will be wonderful already. The point is to get the most out of a set budget. Of course, if you have a bigger budget, VVS1, VVS2 or IF (internal flawless) is dream come true for any gal. I have discussed diamond purchase on a budget here as well. For me, I am shallow; I think size matters a bit for me. Since I have small hands, a 2 or 2.5 carats will suffice. But, ultimately if it's an engagement ring, it's the thought that count not the size. Oh gosh, did I just say that? I guess if I want a bigger diamond, I can always buy myself one. So girls, let me ask you, does size matter or only the best quality will do for you? How will you pick your diamond?


  1. I totally agree with you. I have a 2.5 carat F color, VS1 engagement ring. Size does matter!

  2. I don't usually recommend people buying D, E, or F unless they have money to burn, actually. Unless you're going to take the diamond out of the setting and roll it around in a white paper, you're not going to appreciate that level of colorlessness. I'd rather have a G or H stone and put the extra money into the size. And of course size matters. That's what people notice. As I said, you can't tell the color unless it's an unmounted stone and the VVS - VS characteristics can only be seen under ten X magnification, so unless your friends are whip out a microscope, no one is going to appreciate that stuff except for you. Which is nice, but give me the size first and then I'll worry about microscopic perfection after.

  3. I did NOT get to pick out my engagement ring.

    Although my diamond is of an exquisite quality, it is the SMALLEST size possible. Seriously. If it were any smaller, it would be considered dust.

    Size matters.

  4. That is what I thought. Size does matter, right. I think I will still want a F or G color VS1 or 2 diamond. I for sure do not need a Tiffany or Cartier diamond. Although if I am given one, I will not make a peep except clapping my hands together like an excite sea lion.

  5. My husband has been wanting to upgrade my diamond, but I am so attached to my ring that I do not want to let it go! I told him that he could buy me a new ring for our 10 year anniversary but that I am keeping mine!

  6. Oh... a girl's best friend!

  7. For me, quality matters more than size (that said, I've never been known to refuse a bigger one!)--mine is IF which was important to me....color, E. sparkly...yum :-)

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog...Yours is very pretty! Diamonds are a girls best friend. Personally i'm on my second upgrade since getting married 8 years ago. Sadly i still look for bigger diamonds i'd rather have. I guess it's natural for us girls - We always want what we don't have :) Your on my MUST READ list. ~Thanks girl~

  9. Hi there-a very informative and fascinating post! Have a fabulous weekend my dear!


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