Mar 14, 2009

Reline a Handbag....

Recently Hannah wants to know:
I was thinking of buying a vintage Chanel, but the lining in the inner pocket is in terrible condition (probably from the humidity). How much do you think it would cost to reline it? Thanks!

Dear Hannah
I know you can sent it back to Chanel to have it relined but I am pretty sure it will cost hundreds for sure. I asked my SA a few years ago, she told me they would need to have the bag sent back to France which will also take months. To have it relined, I think they need to take the bag apart. I asked about a LV petite Noe once and the cost to fix the bottom leather and to replace the strap cost about 60% of a new bag.
If the price of that vintage Chanel bag is really good and you don't mind the lining and it's only bad in the inside small zip pocket then maybe you can ignore it. Or ask a cobbler if he can fix it by adding a lining to the inside pocket to cover up the bad pocket. I hope this helps somewhat. If I have additional information, I will update.


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