Mar 21, 2009

Many Faces of a Hermes Twilly

I adore scarves and my top pick has to be Hermes silk scarf. So it is no wonder I adore Hermes silk twilly, a silk ribbon about 2 inches wide x 33 inches long. Although this little strip of silk is quite pricey at about $125 each but it is savvy worthy for its multiple functions. A twilly can be used as:
-A bag accessory by tying a bow on the handle
-A bracelet by wrapping a twilly around the wrist
-A headband/ or hair bow for a ponytail
-A neck accessory
-A tank top accessory by tying a bow on one of the straps

Although I want to use the twilly as a belt, alas, the length will be too short. How else do you use a silk twilly or ribbon?


  1. oh, that is an amazing scarf!!!

  2. I don't know what is more beautiful, scarf or bag!


  3. I think i would just take the Birkin..le sigh

  4. I can't think when I hear or see the word Hermes... it just makes me dream about that Kelly bag I will NEVER have... unless of course someone buys me one... if you know anyone who would like to give Fifi Flowers an Hermes Kelly bag... please direct them my way!!!

  5. Kellys are sooo lovely. Fifi, I will sure do so if I ever find such a person for you and me. : )

  6. I am totally into the twilly, and have 3 vintage ones that I wear as headbands...

    Loving your blog,I'm following...



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