Feb 5, 2009

Valentine's Gifts 4 Savvy Guys

As V-Day is only 9 days away, I have begin to brainstorm for gift ideas. With the economic slump, SG is thinking of classic gifts which will be savvy for years instead novelty gifts. I like buying accessories more than clothes for the utility. For example, a person can wear sunglasses or a belt everyday.- Louis Vuitton Cup Sunglasses $290 --- This pair of sunglasses is very light weight and wraps around very nicely. I tried it on in the boutique and loved it. However I got a pair of Prada for BF's birthday instead.
-Louis Vuitton Tie $195 --- Gal pal bought a LV tie for her hubby and I really liked the simplicity of LV designs
-Gucci Square silver buckle belt $355 --- this belt is reversible and classic
-Alligator wallet by April in Paris $650 for calf leather and $1150 for alligator --- An ex-Hermes artist making her own leather goods in San Francisco. BF has the alligator wallet in the soft green. The workmanship is wonderful and of highest quality. (more colors available)
-Business card holder $195 (more colors available)
If your guy likes a cold beer, a glass of wine or a stiff drink at the end of the day, these will be perfect.
-Beertender sale $230 from $375 via William Sonoma
-Baccarat Grand Bordeaux Wine Tasting in set of 2 $210 --- I got BF these for his birthday last year. These stems are very heavy and solid.
-Baccarat Harmonie tumbler 12 oz in set of 2 $210
Tod's moccasins are must-have classics for a casual savvy guy. Retail price starts around $350.
Hermes Belt Kit is very pricey ($570) but very savvy. I have been drooling over this for a while. The belt is reversible. I would love to have one side to be conservative and the other to be bright and fun. The great thing is the H buckle is removable so a person only needs to buy additional leather belts to get more colors. A couple can share this H buckle with his and hers leather belts. I think that is pretty savvy! What are you thinking for V-day?


  1. Loving all your selections, esp. that wallet!

    And the tap is such a cool idea :)


  2. i adore Hermes belt! :)


  3. I want my boyf to wear those shoes ;)

  4. Love the blue tie and beertender!

  5. Very interesting ideas,
    Thanks for sharing the tips.


  6. I really like that Gucci belt!

  7. have the H belt but haven't worn it for years...
    great tips SG!

  8. i kind of want the wallet for myself. =]



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