Feb 23, 2009

Shopping Monday: SG's Favorite Watch, Cartier Santos

I have purchased my share of savvy and not so much goodies over the years and one of my all time favorite splurges must be the Cartier Santos. I got this watch for myself as a birthday present many moons ago. It's a savvy investment because I wear it almost daily.***Interesting fact about Santos: Louis Cartier was commissioned in 1904 to design a watch for his friend and client Brazilian Alberto Santos-Dumont, one of the early pioneers of aviation. Alberto Santo-Dumont needed a more suitable timepiece for his dare devil flights. He asked Cartier to design something for him, thus the "Santos" was born. Santos-Dumont watches did not go on sale until 1911.I like the feel of the watch on my wrist. It's very ergonomic with a slight curve to fit the curvature of a wrist comfortably. Since the introduction of the first Santos, Cartier now offers many sizes and designs for both men and women.
It's a great style for his and her watch set. The design is not overly masculine or feminine. Do you have a favorite Cartier style? Or, which of the Santos do you like?


  1. Hi,

    Ur Cartier model is perfect!

    xoxo: Janet

  2. Yeah, great cartier!!!


  3. What a beautiful watch....I am sure that you will have it for many years to come!!

  4. I have a Roaster. A little more masculine, but comes in sizes for both men and women.

  5. Great watch! I love the blue jewel on the side as well!

  6. the roaster is really nice.
    join the gossip: it's blue sapphire on the side.

  7. Number 5, but in burgandy with rose gold and diamonds, is definately my HG!


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