Feb 16, 2009

Shopping Monday: Going Floral

Flowers are certainly blooming in the fashion world recently. I am seeing floral prints on clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. Floral prints seem to bring out brightness and vitality from within. Perhaps with the economic slump, we do need a little cheerful brightness. Every time I wear floral prints, I can feel my steps lighter and feeling happier. Pic left Gucci
Pic right Pucci (both via style.com)
1. Alice + Olivia $295
2. Juicy Couture $268 (1+2 via Nordstrom)
3. Jenni Kayne via shopbop $495
4. Paul Smith via Zappo $234 --- Fun but rather costly
5. Ralph Lauren silk floral skirt via RL $445
6. Floral print long silk scarf via Banana Republic $39 (75" x 11") --- adding a silk floral scarf will instantly update an outfit to reflect spring floral trend
7. Joie orange floral top $168 --- SG's pick!
8. Valentino floral wedge $895 (7+8 via Saks) --- Too pricey for a trendy purchase
If wearing flowers does not appeal to you, what about flower decor for the home?
Michael Aram flower vase $158 via Saks
Faberge Egg with flowers $750 via Bloomingdales

I wonder if going floral will make me look like that Victoria Secret model on left??? I can hope right! Have hope is a beautiful thing. ~ smile.


  1. bigger the pattern the sexier it is. oh that's what I say anyhow. they are all lovely though. :)

  2. I love florals too. I adore this Victoria's Secret bikini. I do have hope, SG...

  3. Oooh I love the juicy dress!

  4. Hi there-ooh what gorgeous picks!! Floral is a big favourite of mine, I adore the Pucci jumpsuit!

  5. Yummy post! Love the Gucci, the BR scarf, and the bikini!


  6. I am not ready for Spring yet. Time is going too fast!!!

  7. I WISH going floral would transform my body! Love your picks.

  8. oh, i'd love to have 3, 7 and 8!!!

  9. I love the Alice + Olivia dress.
    Florals really are everywhere, crikey!

  10. i like the alice+olivia dress!

  11. That Victoria's Secret bathing suit is really cute! I'm a big floral fan :) Great selections, SG!

  12. im soo into florals and one shoulder tops and dresses right now; loved #s 1,2,5 and 7 =)

  13. oooh how pretty! I adore that one shoulder gucci dress...yay for prints!

  14. I want a floral swimsuit too! So lovely.

  15. Yummy! I die for it Valentino wedge! :)

    xoxo: Janet


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